1. F

    Temporary install Demon only for NAND-R/W

    Hello, Since I have ordered a **** and my xbox360S has a Lite-on DG16D5S inside I first have to get de DVD key wit RGH. Therefore I have ordered the DGX. First I have to read the NAND from my Corona v1. For that purpose the kit has de demon slim. My question: Because I find only complete...
  2. W

    Do i need dgx corona v2

    I got a xbox 360 slim 4GB (corona v2) date is before 2012 and i want to know how to rgh it. I have searched many threads and post even watched many yt. But i cant figure out wether i need or dont need dgx. They say dgx is to retrieve cpu key but i can get it via xell and then retrieve it over...
  3. E

    DGX rgx v1.1s xbox 360E corona v6 4gb nand. red light and shut down

    hello. i am having a problem with my xbox 360E corona v6 4gb nand. the rgx is glitching and it seems like it is working fine but then the ring of lights center turns red and the fan speeds up and it just shuts off. if i flash back to the stock nand and disconnect the 5v wire it boots fine. have...
  4. A

    RGX Debug Led On Front Panel without Need For Diode

    Ok So this is my first Tutorial so dont hate too much:tongue: NOTE: allways check your connections and work with a multimeter and ALLWAYS USE FLUX!!!!! ( There Are Many different ROL Board configurations and not all will work with this exact method check the connections for your specific board...
  5. J

    DGX RGX Help

    Hi so I have a trinity mobo dash 16203 I was thinking of doing the rgx but...it's very unclear to me how it works so please help....here is how I think It works 1 Dump Nand 2 Flash DGX into Rgx with the Files 3 install RGX 4 Boot Console and enjoy unsigned code This is how I think it...
  6. L

    GENERAL zephyr cb 4569

    hey folks, I have finally succeeded in registering on this site. I need downloads , info and help . Right now I am having a time with a zephyr board with a CB of 4569. I have just found out that apparently I am not able to retrieve the cpu key. A python build of the .ecc told me " could not...
  7. CarpeDiem

    Tribulations with Trinity

    So, I'm not new, but I'm still green on some things. RGH on Slim is one of them. So imagine my delight when I recently got to work on my first Trinity. Nothing special, I thought.. 4GB module, 16197 Dash. I had a DGX that was just aching to get used. This should be fun, right? Ghadz...
  8. J

    help dgx light stoped turning on when trying diferent wire length's trinity

    what could i have done i was trying to get my cpu key and i must have tried 5 different wire positions and after the second time i took the x clamp off, the dgx wont light up is this a problem with the motherboard or the dgx? I didnt lift a single pad im at a loss for words here
  9. L

    RGH Red Dot Secondary code 0021 on Stock Nand after failed RGH (trinity)

    TX Product(s) used: CR3 Lite/RGX Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 16203 CB version: 9231 I have done around total 50 RGH/JTAG, around 10 slims. Description of problem: I dumped nand twice. They were good. After attempting to use an RGX/CR3 Lite to get key, I wanted to...
  10. T

    GENERAL Help Needed

    I read the thread about the DGX to RGX conversion and I was wondering what would I need to order to get started. I have a Trinity on dash 16203. Should I try to save money and go for the DGX or get the "TX CR3 PRO 1.0S FULL POST - ULTIMATE KIT" from XCONSOLES? Thank you Team Xecuter for all you...
  11. musicdude509

    RGH RGX Help; Failed to write block error

    Hi, I have a Falcon with dashboard 16202 that im trying to rgh2 and Nand-x and collrunner rev C and V2 Qsb's. I am using the FALCON.ECC that comes with the newest J-Runner...
  12. R

    DGX won't glitch (no green light at all) corona v1

    hello I have corona v1, dash 16202 using NANDX RGH edition and J-runner beta build 287 at first I took a nice clean 4 dumps of my nand then I wrote dgx with corona ecc installed dgx following the official tut to the letter dip switch #8 on a professional solderer friend did the soldering for...
  13. Utmad

    DGX Another Trinity DGX success

    Well after receiving my DGX from CK3 the day they came out in the UK I have only just got around to giving it a blast. And it worked great, just changed to FT4R2. I used 24AWG 70cm long on Post Out and 24AWG 12cm long on CPU Reset. It booted Xell on second glitch so less than 10 seconds, got...
  14. pengekcs

    DGX works for corona but no more for trinity (always freezes)

    DGX v1.0s: I had an interesting experience yesterday.Trinity, trying 50cm, 70cm, 90cm, 120cm to no avail at all. Always froze. I had a spare DGX v1.0s tried with that one using the same cables that come with it. Booted the 2nd time in under 1 minute. The other DGX chip still works but it seems...
  15. V

    [WANTED] DGX, CR Rev.C, J-R Programmer [Europe]

    Hello, I need 1 DGX1.0S, 4 CR Rev.C and 1 J-R Programmer (all with wires). I'm from Bulgaria. Thanks in advance :)
  16. U

    DGX Post Out point unusable!

    HI! I am installing my DGX 1.0s to my trinity but the post out has now rendered unusable (darn wire got ripped off point, but long story):facepalm:. The alt point R4D4 is a bit of an annoyance to solder,but I have attempted to solder that also...... Is it possible to use a QSB from Coronas? I...
  17. P

    DGX DG-16D5s 1175 DVD key and fcrt

    Hi I'm looking 4 someone in or near Coventry to get info from my xbox so I can flash my new 1175 pcb :) I have a car and Obviously got money lol :biggrin:
  18. ibrahim11

    GENERAL Corona V2 Success - Glitched VIA HDMI within 4 Seconds !

    I got my DGX 1.0S to glitch first time within 4 seconds to Xell Reloaded to retrieve CPU key. What I did : I used Corona QSB v3 4GB NAND R/W Kit J-Runner (284) Latest Version. I swapped the 'POST_OUT 1' with the 'CPU_RST' I made the 'POST_OUT' length 9 cm. That is the shortest it can go...
  19. A

    FIXED By mistake soldered post_out to D and cpu_rst to C, now problems with fan

    Hello, I soldered the DGX chip in the slim mobo's to recovery the cpukey many times, but this time I made a big mistake. I soldered the 90cm wire from post_out to cpu_rst point C5R11 on the mobo. I soldered the 10cm wire from cpu_rst to post_out point C on the mobo After that, the fan switched...
  20. A

    GENERAL dgx on corona v1 with monitor comm not working

    Iv got a corona v1 with the qsb v3 board nandx to usb v3 and monitor comm cable I can read the nand wright the dgx ecc both files but when you boot up the xbox the monitor com port just says open nothing happens ive tried scanning for the ip even set it manually still not getting anything it...