1. C

    ISO to HDD no Jtag/RGH

    My NHL 15 Disc is scratched up and I did not install it to my HDD. My question is can I install it to my HDD from a backup ISO on my PC. The only way i can see people doing it is with iso2god, which doesnt show up as "installed" , im assuming thats because it is meant to run without the disc. My...
  2. M

    IDEA New way to mod games without jtag

    The idea here is that instead of running xexmenu to mod games, why not use a modded iso image burned to a disk? There would be no unsigned code running, correct? Most games like CoD and Halo have different files other than the xex. I dont think those would have to be signed, correct? If anyone...
  3. iRun into Walls

    GENERAL Help? Xbox Disk drive?

    okay i have a 2006 xenon that i was putting back together and i put the wrong disk drive in and now i didnt turn on i shorted the nand now it turns on i put the normal disk drive back it now it ticks and says unrecognized disc i put the other disk drive in and now it says play dvd and ticks too...
  4. C

    ANSWERED Best power supply to use when flashing drive.

    Does anyone have preferences on what power supply to use on the DVD drive while flashing to keep from Getting banned? I would like to find one that's fairly cheap. Thanks in advance!:D
  5. S

    Lite-on DG-16D2S problem reading discs on bootup

    when i flashed my drive i pushed the laser mount up, so i could read the bar code data. since then, I have been having an issue with my drive. when i power up my system for the first time after several hours of inactivity it fails to recognize a disc, once i open up the drive and close it it...
  6. L

    BENQ BenQ Hardware Flash Broken Will Not Read games?

    I recently had a problem with my benQ Vad6038 were I would put a game in it and it would not recognize that there was anything in the drive. I saw this video tutorial on how to fix it. So I opened it and and payed for a new BenQ drive, I de-soldered the boards which contained the drive key and...
  7. Z

    Unreadable disc error

    Heey everyone, For the last couple of days I tried to get fable 3 to work. So far... no avail. I have been searching around the internet but nothing really helps. Deleting updates... nope. Clearing cache... also a no go. I heard about this website from another forum and wanted to check if you...
  8. T

    Lite on 7 Series Issue

    So I flashed my lite on 7 series. Used a kit. When i pressed the eject button it made a weird grinding type noise. So i held the button and it worked. everything went great. No i did not do the mra or cut traces. So i put a game in and I open tray. Turns out I have to move the laser. Works for...