1. NateSS415

    I need some help determining if my ck3 probe v3 is broken

    Here is my problem, I ordered a ck3 probe v3 and received it without any trouble. The problem occurred when I set everything up and was plugging my dvd drive into my x360pro v2. When I plugged the probe into the drive the green light on the probe itself dissappeared and also the on on the usbpro...
  2. greddost

    3 out of 3 Corona 4GB - died after using usb for avatar update!

    Hi! Don't know where to post this, but I have a strange problem with 3 consoles (same batch). First thing first. I have done a lot of RGH's and JTAG's earlier - like maybe 200, so I know what I'm doing and my soldering is allways good. All the 3 Coronas 4gb V2, Nand read with TX corona QSB...