1. TechFreak2516

    Will this pcb unlocked work?

    I have already recived the the keys and saved all the info from my liteon dg-16d4s dvd drive.It has the mxic chip running firmware version 0272.I have 17 dollars left total to spend.i have already purchased and recived my xecuter x360 usb pro v2 and i got the keys and all. And i have good...
  2. TechFreak2516

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Help With First Time Flash (With Right Tools)

    Hello,i am reiciving in the mail tommorrow my xecuter x36o usb pro v2.I have a computer power supply 350 watts to power the device,i have a lite on dg-16d4s 9504 firmware.number 13c.hard ware version A0A0,i want to flash the drive really badly.And also tommorrow i am getting 20 verbatim disks to...
  3. TechFreak2516

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM DVD Drive Will Not Power

    The laser went bad,so we ordered a new one,the exact one we needed,then when i replaced the laser,i plugged it in and it didnt power,my xbox powered,but then my drive didnt reiceve power.and i dont know what to do.I am getting an xecuter x360 usb pro v2,and i lost my dvd key,i havent tried...
  4. P

    RGH How to merge old 'legit' HDD with new 'RGH' HDD...?

    Here's my situation: I have an 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD full of profile data, DLC, Arcade/Indie games and 'installed' games from my retail discs. I recently purchased an RGH Xbox which came with another 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD on which I've installed FSD and begun ripping all of my legit...
  5. W

    BENQ Benq Vad6038 Ribbon Cable

    Hi I recently replaced the laser on my benq vad6038 drive by taking it out of a spare xbox I had , which has the lite-on drive. The lasers are the same however upon closer inspection I noticed the ribbon cable in my benq drive had torn and as a result is not reading disks despite changing the...
  6. X

    XGD3 Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for burning XGD3?

    I find out some guy is selling "flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU" drive, in some other thread says that drive don't support Xgd3... So, is it possible? New LITE-ON iHAS120-04 cost about 15-16E, and he is selling Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for 27E, is that the same model...? After I buy that...
  7. I

    RGH Question: Can I replace the DVD drive with a 2.5 HDD

    Hi guys. As the title says, i just want to know if its possible to replace the DVD drive with a laptop HDD on an xbox 360 slim. I' ve readed that is possible with a 3.5", but you need to get more power from the motherboard. What about a laptop HDD? I think the power consumption is lower on...
  8. teknogod17

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM How do I make a non matching dvd drive work?

    I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT LITEON DRIVE I HAVE SO I JUST PICKED RANDOMLY IN PREFLIX Ok so I purchased a xbox with no dvd drive I rgh it and works great but since the dvd drives cd key and the one on the motherboard do not match it does not work. So From what I can tell there are two ways to fix...
  9. K

    PayLoad not Working with Drive a]Asus DRW-24b1st i/blk/b/as

    Hello , i ordered a asus drw-24b1st i/blk/b/as as my ihas burner finally wore down on me from newegg this week and it finally came in today after 2 days of researching i found that this type of drives are reliable i plugged it in today and popped in a new 8.5gb 2.4x verbatim disc and opened...
  10. G

    Can I swap drives?? Please help!!

    Hello, I am new to all of this and I would like to flash mod my xbox. I would rgh or jtag but I don't went to spend alot of money so... Is it possible to swap my current disc drive (hitachi dl10n) with a liteon drive because I understand that they are easier to mod?? I know I will have to get a...
  11. Scrufdog

    HOW TO replace DVD Rom with Internal 3.5" Hard drive

    HOW TO replace DVD Rom with Internal 3.5" Hard drive Most of this is probably posted in various posts from around the internet. Wanted to try and combine it all into one post. I installed a 2TB 3.5" Hard Drive in my Falcon a couple of years ago. The Falcon 1022'd on me, so I decided to RGH...
  12. T

    LITEON DG-16D2S Where is flashed filmware stored? HELP!!!

    Im getting a new dvd drive and im going to replace the new chip in the drive with the old 1. i was wondering if filmware is stored on this chip and will i need to reflash my drive? its a phat liteon.
  13. X

    Need help with bad mxic flash please

    Hey im not sure if this is where i post my question but here goes i was flashing a liteon 16D4S 1071 and all seemed to go well i soldered a pcb addon switch in place kinda messed up the trace where the cut was made but jf log shows everything went smooth and when i plugged up the drive ive been...
  14. S

    Is it possible to read dvd key from nand only?

    So I received several xboxs to fix that my friend said he couldn't fix. They all had red ring but are fine now. It looks like whoever put them all back together used a completely different drive in each one. After reading a lot into nand-x and coolrunner I order both. I was wondering if I had to...
  15. H

    Need Help Identifying DVD Drive in 360 Slim

    I got my new 360 Slim the other day and I'm trying to find out which DVD drive is in it. I know there is no SUREFIRE way to figure this out without opening it and looking, but I'm trying to get a good idea. The specs are as follows: Xbox 360 Slim 250gb hard drive MFR Date: 07/23/2011 Lot...
  16. 1

    GENERAL connect 2nd external dvd drive

    I have a 250gb xbox 360 slim and I was wondering if i could connect a 2nd external dvd rom to my xbox to use as sort of a makeshift xdrive. I was planning on using the LITEON DG-16D4S XBOX 360 SLIM DVD ROM. The link to it is -->...
  17. I

    GENERAL Slim Flashing, possible or not?

    Hello mates! sh*tty noob here... I'm planning on buying a used XBOX 360 Slim 250GB, therefore i can't open it to see which drive is in it, and I don't want to buy it if it isn't possible or if it is hard to flash it. 1. Is it possible to flash this, and what do i need other than the X360USB...
  18. C

    What is my dvd drive version? (Xbox Slim 4Gb)

    My Xbox 360 Slim 4gb came with a Kinect Bundle, and i cant seem to find what my disk drive is?? S/N: XXXXXXXX4XXX MFD: 2011-10-08 Team?: FWUH Lot #: 1141X No notch in DVD tray holder Location: Canada i WANT to flash my drive to play burned DVDs, but i don't want to do something which requires...
  19. A

    ANSWERED Confused

    First off sorry for the long post:redface: So anyway i am looking for a way of flashing my dvd drive to read backed up games and i came across this reseller of TX products and saw this bundle: •XECUTER X360USB PRO (with case) •XECUTER CK3i (New) •XECUTER CK3 PROBE 3 •XECUTER XT ADAPTER •XECUTER...
  20. A

    Drive version

    Hi im new here. Well anyway just wanted to ask how do i check which version of dvd drive do i have in my xbox? My xbox specs are as follows: DashBoard Version: 2.0.8955.0 MFR Date: 2008-03-06 MotherBoard: Falcon Drive: Liteon Thanks in advance and hope to hear a response soon!:redface: