1. T

    Working Driver & Update (working download link)

    This link is working as of posting this, it's courtesy of hejran7 member & I think it's possibly the only working link on the web, took me several hours of trawling google to find it & it was here all along! hope it helps others X360USB Pro v1 Drivers X360USB Pro v1 Firmware v0.20.1 X360USB...
  2. Z


    Hello everyone! I had just bought the X360USB PRO v2 and my computer will not find the drivers automatically. Does anyone have the drivers for this? And that can be used on Windows 7 64 bit? I already tried looking for the drivers in the forums and but could not find a link that worked. I would...
  3. S


    i have tried everything from bcdedit testsigning off on cmd and turnnig bootloader or w.e it ids and still nada its not showing up on my device manager and it dosent let me manually install drivers it says hash key/file is not present etc can anyone help i will pay if u get it fixed for me ive...
  4. S

    Need VIA 6421 Drivers & Onboard VIA Drivers That Work? - 2016

    There is a similar question already on team-xecutor: This thread is closed. But, the references/links are for files on, which was shut down a couple years ago for piracy or something. Anyone have updated VIA 6421 PCI card drivers? There's one that comes with Windows (at least 7, 8...
  5. D

    Jr-Programmer v2

    Jr-Programmer v2 not working Hi i just received my Jr-Programmer v2 today and i plugged it in after i soldered my nand wires and nothing pops up on my computer. I was going to install the drivers on it but it doesnt show up in device manager at all no noise is made when i plug it in. Nothing...
  6. H

    7 Simple Questions You Guys Can Awnser

    1. What Type of usb cable do i need to program or also known as the Mtrx Nand Programer 2. Can i use The Mtrx Nand Programmer on the Coolrunner Rev C Glitcher? 3. Is it required to need any qsb's on a Jasper Motherboard 4. Diagram for the Coolrunner -> Mtrx...
  7. U

    Jr Programmer V2 driver install

    I am having trouble installing drivers on the jr programmer v2. my device manager detects in as a "usb input device". What would be the solution to this?
  8. L

    X360 USB PRO V2 Stopped working drivers problem

    Hello guys I have been using it for few months all good on same PC. Which I'm only using for flashing/burning games and that's it. One day it coudn't find a drive and I noticed usb pro v2 doesn't even come up in jungleflasher. I coudn't sort it out what's wrong so I decided to reinstall drivers...
  9. oblivioncth

    DRIVERS Cannot get J-R Programmer drivers to install

    There is a user on another forum who cannot seem to get the drivers installed for some reason, and I am posting here for him since he cannot register. I went on Team Viewer, made sure every instance of old drivers in the Windows System32 folder were gone, and then went through the normal motions...
  10. musicdude509

    DRIVERS Demon drivers

    Hi, I have a xbox 360 elite flacon that I need to glitch and I cant do that because ei don't have the drivers for the demon. I treid to look on the stucky thread but the link is broken. Does anyone know were I can get the demon drivers or the demon toolbox? I have windows 7 32-bit
  11. T

    X360USB PRO Why doesn't TX update driver?

    Why doesn't Team-Xecuter update the X360USB Pro V1 Driver to be updated to the latest libusb-win32 drivers and have them signed properly to avoid any issues such as having to disable driver signature enforcement? I understand there are methods to make the drivers install, but I think it would...
  12. B

    X360USB PRO x360usb pro v2 drivers fail to install

    I have been working on this x360usb pro v2 to work for a week now and it still refuses to install. I gotten my regular x360 to work with no problem and my CK31. I've followed this tut and many others on here: Does the x360usb pro v2...
  13. J

    FIXED ive tried everything to get JF to use usb mode

    im having alot of trouble geting my usbpro to work. so ive tried everything from install both set of drivers i even formated my pc twice becouse i pluged in my usbpro before i installed the drivers,ive updated the firmware .hex on the usb pro itself and it still wont alow me to use usb in jungle...
  14. I

    x360usb Pro v2 Drivers Not Installing (Have Tried Everything)

    My usb pro v2 has worked great for weeks! I have flashed about 10 drives, until today I was going to flash a lite-on and jf wouldn't detect the drive. After screwing with it for a while, jf wouldn't even detect usb pro v2. I tried uninstalling the drivers and re-installing, but my x360usb pro v2...
  15. B

    DRIVERS Trying to obtain firmware keys from my already flashed drive

    Alright so I spoofed and flashed my drive and then backed up the keys to my pc. My pc crashed and I didn't have a backup so now I am left unable to modify the drive firmware in anyway. Since I spoofed my key to the drive, and it has been kept untouched in my xbox 360 would it be possible to...
  16. S

    HITACHI NON-79 DRIVERS FOR X360USB (NON PRO) first edition

    DRIVERS FOR X360USB (NON PRO) first edition - please help Hello, i have still running one of the first phat xbox 360 with the Hitachi drive with fw 047 (HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR3120L0047) and I have already flashed it before (in 2009) Now I want to flash it to LT+ 2.0 but I can't find my driver...
  17. ppkpatrick

    FIXED JR-Programmer USB Input Device

    whenever i connect my jr-programmer windows installs the drivers automatically and identifies it by "usb input device" when i select update driver and choose the actual drivers it says the same.
  18. M

    ANSWERED v2 mine running, hope this helps others as well

    ALL COLORED TEXT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BLUE SIDE-NOTES ARE CLICKABLE LINKS TO THE CONTENT FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. ENJOY!! First off, I don't need any help, and am just currently restricted to the noob section for my lack of postings, not my expertise and/or experience. Secondly, I did have minor...
  19. ppkpatrick

    BLASTER CK3 Not showing in COMs

    I have my blaster set up and i'm trying to install the drivers as I'm looking into updating the nand x with it.when i connect my usb cable nothing shows up in coms.I have tried both drivers and followed the guides but no luck.Could someone let me know what i'm doing wrong,all help is...
  20. J

    ANSWERED Hitachi flash question

    I have read these Tutorials about flashing Hitachi Drives: My questions: Do I have to press the Mode-B Button on the CK3 PRO? Will it work with the VIA 6421a Card? Do I have to remove...