dual nand

  1. H

    [WANTED] [USA] TX Demon chip(s) for Slim

    I'm looking to buy one or more Slim TX Demon Chips from USA seller. I'm NOT looking for an installer to install the chip, I'm only looking to buy the chips. I might be interested in a phat Demon chip for the right price. If you have any that you want to sell, message me with your asking price...
  2. M

    Key Vault Bans on Dual Nand Help

    Recently I just got my Dual Nand online using the XBLSE but didn't change my KV at all its the same for both retail side and RGH side.:facepalm: After realizing I could be banned permanently on retail I deleted the XBLStealth.xex plugin and am planning on buying a seperate KV to play on with...
  3. W

    COOLRUNNER RGH and Dual Nand

    Im going to reinstall my coolrunner in my xbox 360 which has a corona v2 motherboard. I might also dual-nand in the future and I need to know how I would have to manage to use the same 3.3V. Is there an alternative 3.3V point or should I solder it to the same one?
  4. W

    RGH Coolrunner - Dual boot / Dual nand HELP

    SOLVED Coolrunner - Dual boot / Dual nand HELP I recently purchased the coolrunner REV. C. I installed it in my XBOX 360 S 4GB. It is a corona V2 with a liteon 1175 and so far everything is working great. I also have an ODDE and I want to install it, could I Dual Boot without installing a...
  5. S

    WTB: 2TB internal HDD / dual boot RGH slim

    I am looking to upgrade to a 7200RPM 2TB internal HDD. Ideally UK, but open to international offers. I am also looking for a dual boot RGH slim (able to switch between legit online NAND and offline NAND). Is anyone still doing these? Few people seem to want to these days.
  6. S

    [WANTED] who can instal dual nand and jtag my xbox360 slim in saint louis missouri area?

    im looking for someone in my area who can perform a jtag and install a dual nand on my xbox 360 slim i live in south saint louis missouri please, please help me out
  7. R

    RGH E71 on retail nand dual nand mechanical switch :(

    Hi to all! I'm an italian modder and I love to make experiments and low cost solutions ;) I've already tried to fix the problem that I'm going to explain you in out country major forums without a fix :( I really hope to fix it cause I want this mod so much ;) Let begin!!!! Trinity 16747...
  8. R

    [WANTED] XBOX 360 SLIM 4gb

    Hello guys, i am looking for someone to do a dual nand RGH for me using xecuter's demon chip, I am buying the console from ebay and shipping it to you, i need full details, like how much will you charge me, what can you provide with the installation like dvd\cd key and insurance. Thanks a lot !
  9. S

    R-JTAG R-Jtag Dual Nand installation and Disk Flashing Falcon help

    So iv'e been researching this for a while and Iv'e been getting set back. First things first i have a Falcon console running on the latest dash as of 2/9/2014. I have a liteon drive so I already know i need some more parts to flash. But I need links to tutorials on how to install all these as...
  10. T

    [WANTED] RGH Dual Nand Service Xbox 360 Slim

    I have a Xbox 360 slim that was manufactured in 2010. I would like a rgh with dual nand to be installed. If you are a modder in seattle, that would be great but any location is fine. Contact Info: Email: [email protected] Phone: 425-786-4919 Thanks!
  11. A

    ANSWERED Which way to go? Trinity W/16D4S FW0401 LATEST DASH

    Need some help. I have a Slim with the trinity and 16D4S 0401 Drive that has been updated to the latest dash as of 1/6/2014. I want to RGH this machine and install dual nand. I want to have the ability to run retail image so that my sons can still play LIVE, but I also want the RGH benefits and...
  12. S

    How does a demon chip compare to Rev C

    I am considering investing in the demon for the dual nand. How does a demon compare to say a coolrunner Rev C, in overall performance and boot time? Please let me know.
  13. T

    Demon Dual NAND not talking to motherboard???

    Hi, im not 100% what i'm talking about so bare with me. Okay so i run a slim with a demon chip dual nand via an external HDD so that its all clear when im live. Recently I sent my demon chip slim with dual nand to get sorted and when it came back it worked 100% better, expect for that i now...
  14. TheSollop

    RGH Which RGH stuff do I need to use ?

    Okay hi guys, I am going to buy Xbox 360 250gb and I need to know which stuff I need to buy if I want to RGH my console with dual nand. Please recommend some stuff for me which is good. P.S. Could someone share clear RGH tutorial ? Thanks ! :wink:
  15. F

    ANSWERED Dual nand Questions.

    Hello... i have long time without doing any modification to xbox360s.... but today i received a jasper console... so i want to dual nand it for me.... from what i have been reading... i just need CR 3 lite Demon Phat CR pin adapter for demon is that all what i need? and the other question...
  16. C

    RGH Want dual nand rgh. I need shopping list

    i plan on making my xbox slim trintity 0225 .. dual nand with rgh. i have done a lot of reading and am getting confused because i can never find a list of what is necessary to take a trinity 0225 stock xbox and get it to boot up with dual nand so i can have rgh and a xbl safe mode. I know i...
  17. DESERT PUNK187

    ANSWERED A little clarification

    I am using a cool runner pro rev c and a demon no where in these (see below) I see mention about using a demon i almost bought a dgx today but was not able to log into my account on here due to forgetting my password when i logged on i had found out i no longer need a dgx (correct?) to get my...
  18. K

    Xbox 360 Slim *White Edition!* Corona V3/V4 - RGH Help....

    Hi, I've recently purchased a xbox 360 slim. Ive identified that it has no 'Post Out' there I believe it's a V3 / V4 Corona board?? Also this 'V3 V4' stuff is it either V3 or V4 or is it both? From the guide i refered to it only said V3 V4...
  19. F

    RGH How do you Dual Nand Trinity Slim DB:2.0.16203.0?

    How do you Dual Nand RGH Trinity Slim DB:2.0.16203.0? How do i do this at home? what chips do i need? etc A tutorial would be most awsome!
  20. S

    RGH Dual Nand on a corona v2

    Hey all, Back again, still in the noob section, which seems fitting, as I have yet more questions... I have a Corona v2 running the latest dash, I have a r/w kit installed and a 14719 (cb 13180) dump to get my keys from. The CR Pro has been released which is what I was waiting for, so I...