dual nand

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    RGH Anyone in Newcastle Upon Tyne that can RGH my Trinity Slim with demon / Ck3 lite?

    Basically i'm based up Newcastle Upon Tyne and was wanting my Trinity Slim (16202) , rgh'd with demon dual nand/ Ck3 lite, or could offer me something similar that was dual nanded. thanks
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    Demon on Corona V3

    Does Corona v3 ( 250Gb ) support Dual Nand or RGH function only? What required to install Xecuter DemoN Slim on Corona v3 (TX Xecuter CORONA POSTFIX Adapter, Xecuter DemoN Corona 16MB QSB , etc...)?
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    DemoN XBL safety precautions for minimum ban risk

    so i looked all around for this but there wasn't a single, comprehensive list for XBL safety precautions for DemoN xboxes. i'm personally a noob but i was hoping you guys can help. so what are the precautions to take regarding: game uptades firmware updates system updates (on each nand) game...
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    Dual NAND+ixtreme LT.3 safe?

    so i saw that this guy was selling Dual NAND+ixtreme LT.3. i need to know, won't the flashed drive destroy the purpose of dual NAND since it can be detected regardless of the nand and wether the game is a backup or retail? is there something im missing?:confused: Ok, i'm...
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    non-tech education on RGH, JTAG, demon, etc.

    as i'm trying to purchase a pre-modded system (which many members of this forum are kind enough to help with), i'm finding various terms and concepts i'm just not familiar with. i thought i'd ask this so it can help other noobs as well. please provide only NON TECHNICAL explanations. for...
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    dual nand RGH buy suggestion

    i wish to purchase a pre-modded xbox 360 with dual nand support (the one which lets you access the non xbox live online community,forget what it's called) since i'm a 'noob' i guess i'm not allowed to post a request in the appropriate forum. if someone could help point to a person willing to...
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    help buying pre-modded xbox

    i was wondering if anyone can help me buy an x-box pre modded- basically something coming preinstalled with the necessary RGH/JTAG stuff- i'm wondering if Demon is required/desirable key features i'm looking for: play backups region free if i can switch between live and whatever else- like...
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    NANDwich Clarification

    Hello guys, just a quick question. I plan on doing the NANDwich mod on my Zephyr RGH1.0 console. The question is: I have a broken Trinity MB that I have been using for parts, can I use its NAND on my Zephyr? I believe they are both 16MB. Before anyone says it, I plan on buying a Demon for...
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    RGH Dual Nand - How does demon solve the SB trace cut problem?

    Hi there, so Im researching to make a dual nand, but now they release DemoN and take the hard work out of it for me.. My own dual nand solution has a manual switch, I havent tried to reprogram the coolrunner and run a wire from the sync switch yet, but my main issue is: How have they solved the...
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    RGH updating to 14717/14719 question...

    Hey i have a dual nand slim with a relay switch installed in it so could i just switch the cygnos to retail nand and update the console via xbox live and have no issue's that way? and then i just go and update the hacked nand to the new 14717 dash and everything be fine on the console and no...
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    RGH questions about updating to new 14717 dash on slim.

    i have a dual nand slim and i was wondering how i would go about updating my retail nand for the slim so i can still play on live.. now do i use XeBuild 2.0? and build the retail image or should i wait for the files to be released from team xecuter? because i do not want to f**k up my slim or...