1. speed3r

    Xbox 360 Lite-on Sata port broken

    Hello, I got a Xbox 360 lite-on drive with a broken(broken off) sata port. So i did solder a sata port of a benq dvd pcb but the points are different from the lite-on drive. So i was wondering if someone could help me if this is right (photos) (Lite-on PCB Sata port Is this right?) (This...
  2. boyam99

    GENERAL Need help with burning games

    I have a Windows 7 computer with a Slimtype DVD A DA8A5SH-L RAA1 dvd drive. So I wanted to know if I can burn xgd2 and xgd3 games with this type of DVD drive using ImgBurn. I also wanted a good burning tutorial since Youtube and google arent helpful. Can anyone link me to a game burning...
  3. boyam99

    GENERAL Cheap dvd for flashed xbox

    Ok. I know that Verbatim is the best media to play backups with almost no coasters. But i really dont have the money to get it at this time,so I found the cheapest DVD+r DL disc on amazon with a amazing price. Heres the link...
  4. W

    BenQ vad6038 flashing, doesn't show in jungleflasher

    I have a Dell 755 Sff with ich9r chipsetI think, and a BenQ drive from xenon Xbox and I got jungle flasher up and finally running but it won't recognize my drive? It says no drive connected for both io ports. Anone have any ideas? In bios Sata is set to achi do I need to run legacy?
  5. TechFreak2516

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM DVD Drive Will Not Power

    The laser went bad,so we ordered a new one,the exact one we needed,then when i replaced the laser,i plugged it in and it didnt power,my xbox powered,but then my drive didnt reiceve power.and i dont know what to do.I am getting an xecuter x360 usb pro v2,and i lost my dvd key,i havent tried...
  6. F

    RGH Can I go online with RGH if I do no mods or hacks?

    Hello everyone! I have a bit of a problem (excuse me I'm a noob) but I have lost my original DVD drive with its key (its a phat liteon) and I think I'll have to rgh to recover the DVD key for my replacement, but, with the rgh, will I still be able to go online (I don't plan on doing any hacks or...
  7. H

    RGH My RGH Corona Doesn't play game disks

    I recently bought an rgh2 corona (using a cool runner chip), and when I got it, everything seemed to work fine, except the disk reader. It reads games, but recognizes them as a DVD, so it says 'play DVD'. This is when I had dashboard 16747 on it, so I deciced to update it to 16767 thinking tbat...
  8. I

    RGH Question: Can I replace the DVD drive with a 2.5 HDD

    Hi guys. As the title says, i just want to know if its possible to replace the DVD drive with a laptop HDD on an xbox 360 slim. I' ve readed that is possible with a 3.5", but you need to get more power from the motherboard. What about a laptop HDD? I think the power consumption is lower on...
  9. H

    connect dvd to laptop

    My titanfall (X360) disc got scratched and wont work anymore, but I have a backup I can use on my flashed xbox 360. I have heard that the game does not work overburned and is not safe to go online, so I was wondering if it is possible to connect this dvd drive to my laptop using a sata to usb...
  10. teknogod17

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM How do I make a non matching dvd drive work?

    I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT LITEON DRIVE I HAVE SO I JUST PICKED RANDOMLY IN PREFLIX Ok so I purchased a xbox with no dvd drive I rgh it and works great but since the dvd drives cd key and the one on the motherboard do not match it does not work. So From what I can tell there are two ways to fix...
  11. hackt0r

    Need CPU/DVD key

    I found a Xbox 360 with no dvd drive. Everything works, I just need to get the cpu/dvd key to install a new dvd drive. But I have one question. Can you find out was the original dvd drive model on the console?, because I want to be play Xbox live safely. Thanks in advance. Specs: * Phat...
  12. S

    LITEON DG-16D2S Xbox 360 Play Game

    When you put in a cd it says Play Game to pretend departed but returned after the launch of the dash in this case we have? (poor English)
  13. A


    Hi, After giving up J-tagging a year ago, my boss has called and asked for me to retrieve the DVD keys out of a lot of old consoles.. I know the old way was to retrieve a nand dump and get the CPU key blah blah, but it was limited to certain motherboard and kernel revisions. I hear that any...
  14. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 Need help now, disk drive won't power on!

    Okay, so I am pretty new to the whole flashing Xbox stuff, and am currently stuck. I have flashed my Samsung MS28 drive but it didn't load anything. I tried to make it read burned and regular games on my Xbox and every time I click on "play game" the screen blacks out then takes me to the...
  15. E

    Can i do this with my RGH xbox slim?

    so, the person who rghed my slim 360 told me that i can convert iso files to GOD which will reduce their size by so much that they can be placed on normal dvd-r. then i can use that dvd-r just like i would with a hard drive (as a storage media) and load up my GODs from the dvd-r. is this true...
  16. S

    7 series lite-on drive motor/laser not turning on

    hi i got this 7 series thats giving me problems and im in need of some help..the motor and laser is not kicking on when i open and close the drive..i can get it to kick on about every 3 times i open and close with my xtractor but it is not consistent . i replaced with new laser and did the trick...
  17. S

    dash 15574 DVD flash?

    This is my first post, thanks for having me here. So I have dash 15574 and for now no JTAG or RGH, as far as I can see. Would still I be able to flash my DVD firmware or would that screw me latter when a JTAG and/or RGH becomes available?
  18. B

    replace dvd drive and flash

    I have a bad liteon drive and i want to replace it. i have a couple questions. 1. can i replace it with another brand? 2. when i replace it, do i need the key if i plan on flashing it first?
  19. L

    [USA] Wanted: Guts of a DG16D4S

    Just got a console in with a horrifically damaged DVD drive, no idea what the guy did to it, looks like his kid yanked the tray out and he tried to fix it by jamming it back in there any which way.. Laser is fine, motors are fine, PCB is fine, but the plastic bits and metal top housing are...
  20. L

    SAMSUNG MS25 'Play DVD' on some games

    So, got a Xenon, 2006 mfg date, never opened until I cleaned it out and fixed the stuck drive tray, tested to make sure it'd play games, it was on..forgot what dash, pre-13599 for sure, think it was 12625. Updated it to 14719 via USB, checked for Live connectivity and could get online fine, not...