1. M

    Sx os 2.3 beta error

    I have sx os beta 2.3 and i got an error if i open the internet the error that i recieve is error 2155-8035 i dont know wath that means please help me greets Micvintho
  2. J

    SXOS 2.3 Emunand bricked my switch

    I updated to 6.1 FW trough choidujour a while ago. No issues here. Then I updated to SXOS 2.3. I installed the SD emunand and did a nand backup. Still no issues for now. Then I had to reset my switch to put a nsp file on my sd card. After the switch logo appears when I boot the system I started...
  3. C

    RGH Can't update Avatars

    I use an RGH Xbox 360 Slim and use it offline. Recently I've noticed that the kinect isn't working, so I've updated to the latest Kernal 2.0.17526.0 and when I came to update the Avatars, the update stops and shows this error window:
  4. P

    Boot.dat? error, wont detect any sd card.

    I have been having this issue for months ever since i bought and received my sx pro. SX OS starts up to the "boot.dat?" screen every time. It hasn't successfully booted once. I certainly have the boot.dat on the root of the sd card, and i've formatted it many many times, with many different sd...
  5. Vivec

    Error 2144-0001

    I've read some posts here related to this error but they are mostly about problems with activating the license. What I have to say is that this error does not appear only in that case but in using normally the SX OS. In my case, and as many other people reported in other forums, when you open...
  6. G

    RGH DEMON won't boot?

    I had my Dual Nand Working perfectly, both Nands on 17511 when my friend came over and updated the Retail NAND to 17526. Now at first I was able to boot into Xell but not the DEMON NAND, but now after I tried to flash it again with a new hacked NAND, the power button just beeps without turning...
  7. 877cms

    SXOS 1.5 - error 2345-0021

    So the console was in the dock in sleep mode, I pressed power button and all was well. When I tried to go into album it showed error 2345-0021 and I was forced to restart. Any ideas?
  8. danlml

    AutoRCM Enabled and stucket in "Boot.dat?"

    Hello, yesterday the sx pro arrived to my home, I placed the files in the SD and put the dongle in the console. The first time all was good, I activated the autorcm, installed the CFW got the license-request.dat file and I turned off the console to get the file to my computer. When I got the...
  9. X

    RGH RGH Xbox 360 made my external hard drive invisible for computers

    HELP, i have been using my external hard drive to store games from the pc to the xbox 360, but one day i reconnected my external hard drive to the pc and it didnt showed up, my pc recognizes there is an external hard drive connected but i cant access the files. The external hard drive works fine...
  10. M

    J runner Connection error and crashes

    Hi, I was planning on using my jr programmer to rgh a jasper 360, I went to download j runner again and it Loaded, And then quickly said connection error and then crashed. I tried 3 different laptops, Aswell as a usb internet dongle, but nothing works. Tried a couple different downloads and...
  11. boyam99

    GENERAL Xbox 360 phat rrod error 0031

    I have a Xbox 360 giving me error 0031 and I don't know why. I recently did the xclamp fix and when I went to try it out,it instantly shuts down and 3 red lights. I know that the xclamp fix is a noob repair but I don't see the point in paying 90 dollars to have it reflowed. I tried turning it...
  12. Z

    j runner app crash?

    hello team xecuter. every time i try to use j runner which i just normal click and try to read nand it gives me this message error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: JRunner.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 54a6d56a...
  13. D

    FIXED Xbox One E101 error fix and tutorial

    I have received the E101 error on my xbox one and couldn't install any Offline updates. I wrote a tutorial over at se7ensins describing the problems I had and how I completely fixed the E101 error. Tutorial is here
  14. K

    GENERAL Flash Config: 0x00000000 Any seggestions to fix?
  15. P

    R-JTAG Slightly botched my DemoN install...!! Can I continue without reading internal NAND?

    So here's the deal - I'm installing a CR4 XL on a phat Falcon to do R-JTAG+ and I got a DemoN to allow me to run dual NANDs. Unfortunately, I messed up some of my quick solder points and had to de-solder, and think I've managed to burn off one or two of the pads during the process :-( So now I...
  16. ultimate360

    Falcon with on-board HDD initialization failure, ideas?

    So I have a Falcon v1 mobo here on dash 16747 and CB 5774, It seems to have some sort of issue with hard drives. On stock, the system will not recognize a HDD at all, I can connect one and unplug it while it's on the dashboard and it does nothing to the console, no reboot like it should, no...
  17. X

    RGH E71 Error Possible Fix? {Please Read}

    Hello Xecuter Forum, Im new here but I wasnt getting any help on a specified question of mine on other sites so maybe you guys can help. I had recently bought a Jasper RGH with a 60 GB HDD and everything was going fine installing all the necessities. However, when I installed Xbdm on...
  18. C

    JTAG Error after patchXEX

    Hello, I have a problem with XeXMenu 1.2. I have successfully installed several games via USB disk but yesterday a game started but hanged on the loading screen so I dug in the menus and found this option patchXEX. After "patching" that game all my games now show an error and tell me do...
  19. J

    ANSWERED corona v3 error 0101

    hi I tried on a rgh crown v3 I extracted the nand and wrote the file. etc. I just noticed that you have not bridged the points RC2C7, RC2C6, RC2C10 and the R2C4 and I've soldered after the writing of '. etc. and I gave red LED, then I put the nand origilnale and I always red LED. [IMG]...
  20. B

    J-Runner add Dash Problem

    when i try to add an new dash i get a bunch of errors: The remote server returned an error: (404) not found. (Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (404) Nicht gefunden.) i wanted to add dash 16203 but its the same with every dash. can u please help me with this? :confused: win 7 64bit