1. B

    External HDD Support

    Hi, Just curious as to when/if HDD support will come. I currently have a 64GB sd card, for most instances this is ok, but some titles range from 8GB to 27GB, so the continuous routine of taking out the sd, transferring whatever, and rebooting the switch, then installing NSPs is getting...
  2. I

    Demon External Board

    I had a demon install done by Oggy and got my console back this week but was having a little issue with the board on the back. It's not been grounded and wasn't connected when I received it, but as far as I am aware it should still work when trying to switch the nand. The demon is read by...
  3. B

    External cases with ihas?

    I was gonna buy a x360 USB pro 2 but there pretty pricy. So can I use any external case for the ihas?? And if so can someone tell me of a good one.
  4. Jonny Dangerous

    Really need help using External Hard Drive from MAC to PC

    I bought a Toshiba Canvio 1Tb hard drive and formatted it to a Mac Book Pro and loaded some games on it. I now try to load games on my PC laptop and although the Tobshiba Canvio appears in my driver window, I am not able to access the memory or retrieve the games. I am downloading a copy of...
  5. N

    external molex probs

    ordered a x360usb pro,ck3lite and exterenal molex bundle from here on 5th April. Phoned up 15th April wondering where my order might be and was told the external molex's have been withdrawn as there blowing up and some more will be coming in a few weeks. I arranged for x360usb pro and ck3lite to...