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    ISO to HDD no Jtag/RGH

    My NHL 15 Disc is scratched up and I did not install it to my HDD. My question is can I install it to my HDD from a backup ISO on my PC. The only way i can see people doing it is with iso2god, which doesnt show up as "installed" , im assuming thats because it is meant to run without the disc. My...
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    LITEON DG-16D2S A0A2 extraction failure

    Running into a wall here and need some forum expertise! I purchased a "new" DG-16D2S-09C (A0A2) drive, FW 74850C, and want to flash it. I'm using x360usb pro and ck3i (have extracted with this hardware before) and Probe III. The problem I'm having is the same that many other have had -...