1. D

    Slimkey Extraction Failed

    No matter how many times I try i keep getting key extraction failed can someone please help Heres the JR-- Drive is Lite-On.. 0000: 05 80 00 32 5B 00 00 00 - 50 4C 44 53 20 20 20 20 ...2[...PLDS 0010: 44 47 2D 31 36 44 35 53 - 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 DG-16D5S 0020: 31 31 37 35...
  2. M

    c-r.bin failed

    Hi, could someone help me, I have a problem with CR.bin. Jrunner says that it can not create. But everything I have read from the console properly, nand and dvd key,cpu key .. Thanks for the answer
  3. BestNoob

    FIXED Problems with CK3i port error and freezes

    Hello, my system often hangs up for an minute or more while sending an command to CK3i. Also Jungleflasher printed out often an "Failed to open com port COMx" I have an Asus P5Q-Deluxe Mainboard Via drivers deleted (and no via installed) I have also an old PC with an MSI P4M900M2 Mainboard...
  4. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 Need help now, disk drive won't power on!

    Okay, so I am pretty new to the whole flashing Xbox stuff, and am currently stuck. I have flashed my Samsung MS28 drive but it didn't load anything. I tried to make it read burned and regular games on my Xbox and every time I click on "play game" the screen blacks out then takes me to the...
  5. S

    X360USB PRO Phat Key verification failed

    Hi Looking for a bit of advice please. I am having trouble extracting key from a Phat 16D2S liteon on firmware 02510c. My set up is as follows USB pro 0.18 CK3 pro Probe 1(converted with switch on 3.3v line to a probe 3) latest Jungle flasher 1.90 The issue I am...
  6. R

    LITEON 74850 Dashboard update fails after flashing back to stock

    I have flashed my Liteon drive back to stock Loading firmware file D:\Download\IXtreme LT Plus 19\iXtreme_LT_Plus_1.9_Firmware_XBOX360-iND\LiteOn (Phat)\LiteOn_Pre_13141\OFW\orig-74850C-1e000.bin MD5 hash: b51c2ed50ff85ccf0fe08507b9615993 Drive key @ n/a Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D2S...
  7. T

    Hitachi "Ram Upload - Execute Failed"

    Hello all, ================================================= Before you read this wall-o-text, I'll mention that in the end, I was able to get firmware 1.51 onto my Hitachi drive, but I had to use the Xbox360 as the power source, and couldn't get it done using the CK3 Pro Kit...