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  1. L

    LITEON DG-16D2S Flash LiteOn 83850C - PROBLEM

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum .. I possessed a mod with firmware LT + 3.0 but for some reason the mod has stopped working , I think as a result of some updating . So I decided to open the console , remove the dummy file through a PogoMoThoin I built on original cable and flash the...
  2. J

    help xbox 360 slim play dvd sometimes after flash need 0225 3.0d

    I have flashed many xboxs both phat and slim but this weekend i have flashed 2 slims 1 mxic and 1 winboard and when turned on it will play games both original and copy once restarted it comes up play dvd on both original and copys. I have done some research and someone fixed by using 0225 3.0d...
  3. D

    ANSWERED help quick firmware update problem in slim xbox 360

    DG-16D4S Liteon - 0225 need to update right now with jungle flasher need some guide and latest firmware i unplug the dvd rom now what i should do
  4. T

    GENERAL New and need advice please!

    I am a beginner and been trying to learn because i find all this fun and very interesting. The main question is..i have a MATSHITA (Panasonic) dvd dl burner and have been burning files but somewhat into them i get " unable to authorize disk" during play. Now everything passes through agbx fine...
  5. J

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM flashing xbox slim first time

    Hello friends, New to this site and looking for some help. I am trying to get my son's 360 slim 250GB to play back up discs and I need a little help flashing the console. The Verbatim discs were created via ImgBurn at 2.4x , iHAs134b burner updated to newest firmware and discs then verified...
  6. Zeigren

    GENERAL No idea what the original drive was

    I have an armful of 360's that I have RGH'd to get their DVD keys but I have no idea what most of the 360's original drives were. Is there anyway to figure this out without just trying every possible drive? One of them I know had a Hitachi 59 that was spoofed as a 79 with the wrong key, but...
  7. Deadly9000

    SAMSUNG MS25 Help with flashed firmware!

    I have an Xbox that originally had a LiteOn but replaced the LiteOn with a Samsung ms25, I have a problem and that is that I can't find a flashed firmware for MS25, every single one I'd find is for MS28. Are they the same? Isn't it considered as spoofing? I'm using latest Xbox dash, the goddamn...