1. A

    A system update is required to use the microSDXC memory card.

    I tried posting this already, but it crashed and I can't find it. As a result, I may be posting this twice. In a nutshell, I have a new Switch and a new SX Pro. Upon trying to use a 64GB microSD card, I got prompted with: "A system updateis required to use the microSDXC memory card." My...
  2. X

    Looking for X3 bios 3.0.0 not sure model

    Hi, I have had a modded xbox since about 04 and I at one point in my childhood deleted the bios.. Yes I know stupid is there anyway to find out the exact model of X3 I have and can anyone supply me with the 3.0.0 bios? I only seem to find the 3.0.1 and 3.0.3 bios. I really want to actually...
  3. A

    Which XBOX360 MOD do I have?

    Hey i am new to whole Xbox thing and i have purchased an old hacked xbox 360 Gears of war 3 limited editition. And i want to update my firmware. So please help me to determine which xbox modchip i have. Moreover please tell me if i can play xbox live as i have a gold membership coupon. Thanks in...
  4. A

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Not working after Reboot- HELP!!!

    Flashed LT+3.0 to Lite-On DG-16D4S using VIA 6421 and Sputnik..... MXIC chipset 0401 firmware.... Games not working after rebooting.... Please help me....
  5. T

    [WANTED] UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2

    UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2 (NO Longer Needed!) Hello is anyone selling a nand x that accepts paypal ? I Kinda need it asap!
  6. R

    BENQ Stuck on what to do while flashing

    Hi guys im very new to this, let me just start by saying thanks to everyone who wrote tutorials on how to rgh consoles 4 successful mods in 2 weeks :). And a special thanks to martin you saved my first xbox when i fried r4b24. Now my problem is ive just bought 2 falcon motherboards off ebay and...
  7. iomega311

    LITEON 0225 Help with 0225 PCB - Can't extract FW

    I have an 0225 drive that I got from someone who messed it up somehow. They tried the kamakazi hack without getting the dummy.bin files first. I am not sure if they messed up the Kamakazi hack or not. Maybe they did, but I have not done one before, so I can't be certain. It is also a...
  8. iomega311

    What can I buy or do to use my Xbox DVD drive again?

    I have an Xbox Slim with a fried DVD drive board. It got plugged in upside down by the previous owner. Aside from that, it seems to work just fine. It had a 0225 drive in it, but after the board got fried, the previous owner took it out to try and fix it, ended up just getting rid of it. So...
  9. iomega311

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM I need to create a new dummy.bin with my keys

    I tried searching all kinds of forums on this, and have not found an answer yet. I am desperate for help. I have a Liteon 16D4S slim drive where the board was plugged in incorrectly and fried it. I was able to RGH it and get the DVD key off of it. I want to use this Xbox on Live, and so am not...
  10. L

    LITEON 83850 v2 "Secure HDCP link not found" after restoring drive back to stock firmware

    Hi everyone, Is any one having the same problem as mine? I wanted to update to lt+ 3.0, so I reverted back the drive to stock firmware for installing dashboard update. When the drive was restored (haven't updated dashboard yet and current dashboard is 2.0.13599) to stock firmware, I found...
  11. L

    BENQ E65, wiped drive

    Just bought a box off fleabay yesterday with E65, guy even said he'd tried to flash the drive and managed to wipe it out completely, pretty sure it's a Zephyr motherboard so I'm ready to use it for parts, just wanted to know if JF would be able to recover or re-flash the drive or not since it's...
  12. H

    Need Help Identifying DVD Drive in 360 Slim

    I got my new 360 Slim the other day and I'm trying to find out which DVD drive is in it. I know there is no SUREFIRE way to figure this out without opening it and looking, but I'm trying to get a good idea. The specs are as follows: Xbox 360 Slim 250gb hard drive MFR Date: 07/23/2011 Lot...
  13. F

    HITACHI 79 Flashing Problem

    Hey all, I flashed my hitachi 79 drive with the "LTPlus-79-4e10-2.0b.bin" file. Everything goes well and it flashes fine, but when I put it back to the system and power it up, it reads all original games as DVDs. Also, that is true for 360 games and xbox games. I am getting HIGHLY...
  14. S

    LITEON DG-16D2S DVD Flashing/Firmware

    Currently, I am in the process of purchasing a new drive for my Xbox arcade system. At the moment, though I'm not sure which kernel, it has a way older dashboard on it. Since I have no choice but to replace this drive - since it seems it has the "Open Tray Error"; as it was given to me, I have...
  15. W

    ANSWERED Bad firmware flash problem, need help

    Hi, I tried to flash my liteon v9 drive to LT+ 3.0. It worked perfectly until I put it back to the xbox. i got e64 error, a bunch of times. Then, took it out again and setup jungle flasher 1.91, using ck3 pro and x360usb. here is where the issue comes and it happened in the first time. it says...
  16. ppkpatrick

    ANSWERED New JungleFlasher?

    so downloaded LT 3.0 but noticed there was no new jungleflasher and the old version recognised 3.0 as 2.0 what's the story,is jungle flasher still in developement or...?
  17. ppkpatrick

    GENERAL LT+ 2.0 and non XGD3/AP25 Games safe on 14699?

    just wondering if non xgd3/ap25 backups are playable and LIVE safe on the latest dash with LT+2.0
  18. ppkpatrick

    Nand X Update via serial?

    is it possible to update the nand x firmware via the serial port on the ck3 lite?
  19. S

    LITEON 0225 What hw should i choose to unlock drive?

    Hi, i see that team xecuter have released many options in this area SPUTNIK360 Probe - PCB Addon SPUTNIK360 - Liteon DG-16D4S DVD Unlock Switch SPUTNIK360 - Liteon DG-16D4S DVD Unlock Probe Liteon DG-16D4S - Unlocked Replacement PCB Others?? solder skills is not a problem what should i take...
  20. S

    GENERAL Quick Question For A Expert!

    Hello guys i have a quick question. I recently bought a lite-on Xbox 360 and it works fine i have never had modified firmware on it and now i decided i wanted to play my backup copy of saints row the third and when i try to play it offline it says disk is not supported now i have played online...