1. T

    LITEON 74850 Lite-On Strange Problem Need Assistance

    Hey guys i have a lite-on dvd drive i bought off ebay refurbished guaranteed to work and put it in a non working xbox with the original dvd code stock firmware off phatkey extraction it was on 74850c OFW then i put it on 0250c OFW and i updated it and you know how it turns off and then back on...
  2. T

    JUNGLE FLASHER Jungleflasher Error with CD Drive

    I didn't quite know where to put this topic so I'm putting it in the firmware section even though it is a combination of two firmware issues. I was running through some problems updating my firmware on my console and somehow in the confusion I ended up flashing my cd/dvd drive using jf I...
  3. ppkpatrick

    ANSWERED Possible to update nand x with Blaster?

    just wondering if it was possible to update the nand x firmware using a blaster ck3,as i only have a ck3 lite and the blaster,thanks.
  4. S

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Quick question. Which firmware?

    Hi i am trying to flash my lt+ 1.9 > 2.0 It reads dg16d4s 225 on my hard drive so do i use LTPlus-0225-v2.0 or LTPlus-0225-v2.0u thank you!
  5. T

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Xbox 360 Slim Liteon 13599 Dash Update Safely flash to OFW

    Hi, I'm new to posting but I've read through so much of various websites looking for an answer for my question but have not seen in any of them. I have an Xbox 360 Slim that is LiteOn DG-16D4S 9504 stock FW, now FW: 0272 and has the Dashboard 13599 update. It has never been flashed before this...
  6. S

    LITEON 93450 LT 1.91

    Hi im tryin to flash my xbox 360 using x360usb pro along with ck3 pro and ck3 probe 3 and my computer is pickin up my drive just problem is no matter where i get the LT 1.91 firmware pack i cant unpack it with keeps askin me to enter the password for the...
  7. D

    JUNGLE FLASHER Flashing the FW of LiteON drive.

    Hi, I recently bought some hardware from Xecuter in hope of flashing my own 360 drive. I found a good tutorial on YouTube and followed it correctly. It was going all fine until i pressed 'Write' in Jungleflasher. My computer turned off and decided to restart itself. I wouldn't know why but...
  8. B

    JUNGLE FLASHER Firmware folder

    Hi. I know I am supposed to move all the firmware files into the firmware folder of JF, but I didn't exactly understand what firmware files I need to move. I have a flashed LT+ 1.9, I want to flash it to LT+ 1.91. Now, I moved all of the files inside the firmware folder of LT+ 1.91 into the...
  9. G

    JUNGLE FLASHER Extract key from 02510c on lt+ 1.9

    I don't have my DVD key from my first flash due to a major computer crash but I'm in dash 13146 with lt 1.9 for liteon 02510c I'm wondering if I need the probe 3 to extract the DVD key or if there is another way since I'm not on stock fw
  10. T

    LITEON 9504 flashing question?

    i have a lite-one9504 that recently went to a 0272. i havent updated so that the pcb board is locked. the last dash update that i did was the one that converted it to the 0272. anyway, if i flash with the latest lt+v 1.9, at a late time, could i flash back to stock 0272 and then update to...
  11. C

    ANSWERED Extract key when you flash back to stock?

    Hi! I am wanting to flash my Lite on drive back to stock to do the latest dash update but I have a question... Do I need to probe again and extract the key to flash back to stock? Or can I just load the OFW as the target firmware and flash?
  12. T

    what are my options????

    ok so im pretty new to flashing drives....back in January i flashed my drive for the first time, but have since flashed back to stock firmware to update my dashboard. the last dash update i have made, is the one where it turns my drive into a 0272. i havent did the most recent update where it...
  13. H

    LITEON 74850 Blaster CK3 already out of date?

    Very recently purchased blaster ck3 and have the original Dummy.bin stock from b4 the new dash (thanks Teajunkie :p). Do I need to pull the new FW via probe or can I use the files TJ sent me? We saw a post that the Blaster CK3 probe will not work with the new FW :mad:. What is my best option...
  14. T

    LITEON 9504 ok so i have alot of questions, and i cant find anything to really cover my problem.

    ok first i want to start out by saying that i let a friend borrow my ck3 and it is broken. im waiting on a new one to arrive in the mail. anyway, my problem is this. i was trying to flash my drive back to stock firmware so i could update to the new dash until the new firmware was released...
  15. C

    ANSWERED firmware and jf help please

    my xboxusbpro probe 3 and my ck3 are due here today. i have windows xp n have read for weeks im a total noob and computer talk illiterate never posted in a forum or chat .i downloaded jf 1.84 1.9 firmware jf came with five folders the dice icon wasnt in a folder so i made one n placed it an the...
  16. T

    LITEON 9504 so i accidentally erased my flash.

    the other day i was trying to flash my drive back to stock. in the process i somehow accidentally clicked the erase flash button, and now my drive cant be detected at all. any ideas on how to fix this? and does this mean that my drive is completely absent and firmware so as long as i can get...
  17. W

    LT+ v1.9 for phats to be released within 24 hours!

    [2011-06-14 09:24AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> LT 1.9 for Sammy, Benq and Phat Liteon released within 24 hours! as posted on As I side note, I was wondering if anyone knew where the firmware was actually going to be released from. I have had problems with auto xbins 2008 as of late...
  18. T

    LITEON 9504 has anyone had this problem?

    so i load up the dummy.bin as the source, i say no to autoload, i load the original as the target, i click slim unlock, then i click write.....but when i do i get an gonna try to post a pic of it
  19. A

    ANSWERED Recovering key after xgd3 update ?

    1. I bought a pre-flashed xbox so I don't have the dvd-key now. 2.So,after reading about ,I found out that the new dash update also flashes your drive(I have not updated yet.) 3.If I update now and get my drive flashed to the new stock firmware,can I recover my dvd-key from there?Can this new...
  20. W

    lt v1.9! phat liteon done; benq in testing WOOT!!!

    :D For those that haven't been checking three times a day for the last couple weeks... [2011-06-10 08:03AM UTC] #c4e <c4eva> hello, working on fw hard next few days [2011-06-10 08:04AM UTC] #c4e <Log> how’s testing on 0225 taking shape? and what are you thoughts on...