1. T

    ANSWERED is this correct.

    ok, so i recently flashed my 9504 drive with the lastest firmware. then the updates hit and as im sure many of you did the same thing, i didnt update. my xbox has been collecting dust ever since the update. anyway, from what i understand, im gonna have to flash my drive back to stock, update to...
  2. L

    Update to LT+1.1 worth it?

    Hello, I did some research, and the only difference I could find between Ixtreme 1.51 and LT+ 1.1 for the old Hitachi drives is "updated to conform to LT+ standards." I know it sounds like a stupid question, but its not easy to flash drives with my motherboard, and I'm scarred to brick the...
  3. R

    GENERAL [Info] New Firmware

    Hi, recently I extracted the new drives firmware directly from the update 2.0.13146.0 and i realized that the interval of inquiry, identify and serial come with values, someone that extracted the firmware directly from your drive can confirm that this values are for all drives. I do not know...
  4. T

    LITEON 9504 how can i be sure that i always have the latest firmware to lower risk of ban?

    sorry if this is a dumb question guys, but ive only flashed an xbox once and that was with the latest Lt+ for the 9504. if a newer version is released, will it be announced in front page news?
  5. S

    ANSWERED Slim LT+ progress!

    <+c4eva_> lt+ slim fw released to testers tomorrow! Wohoo, there is progress! :cool:
  6. B

    ITALY Xbox360 RROD Repair & Firmware Upgrade Service

    Xbox Phat Drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, Liteon 74850/83850/93450): 35 EUR Xbox Slim Drive (Liteon 9504): 50 EUR RROD Repair Service: 30 EURO I will accept consoles from everywhere in Italy! SHIPPING COST: 10 EURO
  7. ppkpatrick

    Lt+ 1.1 help

    I was just wondering if i patch an SSV1 game to SSV2 will i get banned when i play it on live,or is it safe to patch the SS to a verified version? much appreciated.
  8. M

    Copying genuine games to xbox +xbox live

    I am going to purchase an xbox 360 slim 4gb 129.99$ cdn, I have a 500gb sata HD laying around but so far they are all sold out :( My biggest question is i do not want to flash mod my firmware or get a modchip unless it has a switch so that i never get banned to play on xbox live... I do not...
  9. Y

    CK3 Blaster and Unknown Liteon

    CK3 Blaster and Unknown Liteon [Updated] So I just got and installed a CK3 Blaster on a customer's 360 that has a mystery Liteon drive. The casing on it was a Benq but when we opened it up there was a Liteon. I attempted to connect the Liteon to the PC without the Blaster in order to try and...
  10. T

    Lite-On Flash Success with USB SATA to USB device?

    Hey guys. This is my first post as well as first go at the whole mod thing. Please forgive me or be patient with my lack of experience. Thanks! After researching all the different possiblilities to flash my Lite on Drive, I figured I would give it a shot afterall, I did have a COD M2 iso...
  11. J

    Are we focusing on the wrong area of the xbox 360?

    It might sound a little farfetched but I was thinking about all the trouble we go through to mod and make new firmware and new ways to stay undetected. We focus on the changing or upgrading of the DVD drive firmware to play our burnt games, after all this time would it not be easier to...
  12. K

    Fix an erased LiteOn 83850c (firmwareless)

    While trying to upgrade my LiteOn 83850c from iXtreme 1.51 to 1.61, something went wrong during the erase drive operation and jungle flasher said operation failed. Apparently, the drive is firmwareless now. Eject button won't work, xbox gives error e64, PC bios won't recognize the drive while...
  13. Teajunkie

    ~~~ Downloads Here ~~~

    I have closed this thread as there is no need for anyone to post here it is old and now outdated If you take something please add some rep to my profile it's not much to ask! Official Xecuter Downloads Page: Stock firmware. Grab from xbins...