1. D

    FIXED Xbox One E101 error fix and tutorial

    I have received the E101 error on my xbox one and couldn't install any Offline updates. I wrote a tutorial over at se7ensins describing the problems I had and how I completely fixed the E101 error. Tutorial is here
  2. M

    GENERAL Best fix for 3 rrod?

    [ANSWERED] Best fix for 3 rrod? My jtagable falcon I ordered came in yesterday and it had 3 rrod. Should have known that 50 dollar price was a bit cheap :facepalm:. Can someone link me to the best noob friendly fix? UPDATE No roaches.
  3. M

    GENERAL A Fix for E71

    Just wanted my fix for E71 out on the internet. 1: Unplug everything from the console 2: Get a usb stick and put the xbox update on it 3: Wait AT LEAST 30 minutes then plug in...
  4. oblivioncth

    FIXED Pulled Pad on R4P4. Fix?

    Hey guys. I was working on a Corona V3 that refused to glitch with a Rev C and while moving the CPU_RST line around to alternatives I accidentally pulled the pad on R4P4 while trying to flatten the wire out a little :facepalm:. The console now no longer tries to glitch and Id imagine id get the...
  5. E

    Corona V1 Demon install without QSB and a few alt points

    Hi guys, If you have seen my other post you know what I have been up to and how I do need some Anger management classes. Here is a photo of my cable points so far for the Demon following points: D0 - black D1 - white D2 - brown D3 - red D4 - orange (soldered to the back of the resistor) D5 -...
  6. O

    XGD3 How do i fix these bad kprobe results? (XGD3)

    was in a hurry, im always working, my fault for not reading the rules properly :/
  7. A

    RGH Trinity resistor replacement

    Hello guys. I need to know how to replace resistor r4d4 on my trinity. I will post pictures of my tracefixes i had to use and the wiring of my rgh. The following is and explanation of how i accidentally removed this resistor. I was working on my first rgh attempt on a trinity and it was...
  8. J

    3 Red Rings, Error 0102. Need repair. East Texas

    Hello. I recently bought this Xbox 360 (old model, bought in 2008 I think) from a friend of mine, and I started getting a frozen screen with distortion and some beeping, then after a few reboots, I got the 3 red rings. I researched this and found out that it's error code 0102, which usually...
  9. C

    GENERAL Help... replacing a dead LiteOn with a Hitachi 78

    Hey guys, This is a phat xbox. I have the key from the LiteOn, but that drive is dead now. I have a Hitachi 78 drive that Id like to replace it with. Ive been doing a lot of researching and before I go on with the swap Id like to make sure I got it right.. The xbox is going to never be...
  10. ScrubbaDubby

    FIXED Easy Fast Booting Trinity Fix

    ***This is only an improved guide that bmonier made, it was difficult to read and understand and also had no pictures. His original post can be found here I have only taken the time to rewrite it and take pictures. Credit also goes to MartinC...
  11. H

    ANSWERED Problem

    Unfortunately I updated my xbox and after that new games like Gears of War 3 and MW3 and Assassins creed stopped working. when I launch them it says disc not supported. How can I fix this, preferably without opening the xbox.
  12. A

    Kamikaze fail fix

    Tools: circuit writer pen draw a conductive layer at the bottom of the drill you made, this will connect the cut traces and probably solve the problems (no eject, no spin ... etc. meaning you unlocked your drive but went a bit far) however try not to fill the whole thing as you may short...
  13. A

    GENERAL Winbond no eject fix

    Windows Version : Vista 32 bit Xbox DVD Version: Lite-On 0225 Tools: X360USB PRO v18, CK3i Software: JF 1.9 beta I did the kamikazi hack and stopped as soon as the beep blew into my ears. I was using a solder iron with the 3.3V 100 ohm contact. However now my drive doesn't eject. I read some...
  14. R


    ok first off, I have flashed this drive before, I remember it being a bitch, but finally working. I just cant get it this time.... Im trying to flash to STOCK FIRMWARE, then update DASH then flash to 1.91....... Windows 7 Lite on 74850 (was 1.1LT, now empty erased now) newest Jungleflasher VIA...
  15. G

    LITEON 0225 Xbox 360 Slim Middle Light Blinking Green after installing unlocked PCB

    I installed the Unlocked PCB on the a 0225 Drive and when i put the Xbox back together, the Xbox middle ring light kept blinking and the dvd drive said open disc but it doesnt open when you click it. Any Suggestions for a fix.
  16. S

    Xbox 360 permanent fix's?

    I HAVE SEARCH THIS AND COULD NOT FIND THE RIGHT ANSWER I know the x clamp and reballing is there any others??
  17. Teajunkie

    Liteon Frozen Cant Read Or Flash?? Updated guide.

    This guide is outdated and you can now use jungleflasher to correct any issues you have with the liteon as below. Modmonster has a video tutorial on how to unbrick the liteons using jungleflasher so i dont see any need for me to make another. So you have fluffed your liteon flash! Heres what...