flash issue

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    ANSWERED Any way to flash NAND?

    I recently got my hands on a rrod 360 with secondary code 0102. I already knew what this code usually is, so I reflowed the GPU, CPU, RAM, and Southbridge on it, and powered it back up. It began to boot up normally, and then had one red light flashing, with an E71 error code on the screen...
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    LITEON DG-16D2S bad flash 02510C 0x80 stuck

    hi all i need help with my situation i've a liteon and when flashing it to stock i've touched the molex by accident upside down and now it's not recognized by jf and when i've tried erase stays in status 0x80 and intro it's stuck on status 0x80 i've tried everything to my knowlage please please help
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    ANSWERED Modded all but my friend.

    Hello! I'm fairly nooby to this stuff so please stick with me. I'm also sorry if i post this is the wrong spot on the forums, like i said im nooby. Well Not to long ago i got the parts to mod xbox 360. Of course... And I've modded three xbox's no problem. Well i thought hey, I've got one more...