1. M

    HITACHI 79 I flashed my drive and have iHAS124-14 FU drive but cant write games?

    Back in the days i used to write my games with iHAS 124 type B writer which had custom firmware ... Can i even write games with iHAS124-14 FU drive ?
  2. M

    beginner info required

    I am purchasing a flashed pre-owned XBOX slim. The seller is unsure of what version the DVD has been flashed to, all he knows is he last played backup of FIFA 15 fine with it, he has no DVD key or anything of the original firmware, looking up lists online I can guess the drive is a LITEON (two...
  3. A

    -= Hello & Drive Flashing =-

    Hi, I'm new to all this, although I have read articles on the merits of J-Tagging and RGHing the XBox 360. I used to have an XBox 360 that a friend of mine flashed so that it would play backup copies of my games. When Microsoft updated the XBox 360 to play larger data DVDs, (my original...
  4. W

    BenQ vad6038 flashing, doesn't show in jungleflasher

    I have a Dell 755 Sff with ich9r chipsetI think, and a BenQ drive from xenon Xbox and I got jungle flasher up and finally running but it won't recognize my drive? It says no drive connected for both io ports. Anone have any ideas? In bios Sata is set to achi do I need to run legacy?
  5. D

    SAMSUNG MS28 Samsung Dashboard update doesnt work

    Hey guys, I'm new and I dont know if this is posted in the right section so please move it when it's wrong. A few years ago i bought a Xbox 360, but i wasn't able to go online with it. So i never used it again. Last week i found the xbox and I wondered its possible to play downloaded games on...
  6. K

    GENERAL Flash Config: 0x00000000

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l3m7jgq6djumdtv/2014-12-08%2012.55.47.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1s20opry1o5y47/2014-12-08%2015.48.03.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3e57vh8az9j8lxv/2014-12-08%2015.48.09.jpg?dl=0 Any seggestions to fix?
  7. A

    LITEON 9504 How to replace Lite-On 9504 drive?

    Last week I tried to flash my Xbox 360 slim lite-on 9504 drive and I accidently messed up on the drilling part. Also my sata cord slipped out a little bit while I was drilling and it said "aborted by user!" and the day after I'm pretty sure I fried my original pcb board because I tried re-doing...
  8. A

    ANSWERED x360 USB v2 work with Maximus 360 Scorpion 2?

    Hello, I was wondering if I used the x360 USB v2 with the Maximus 360 Scorpion 2 to flash a lite-on DG-16D2S for XDG 3 LT-3.0+ would it work?
  9. A

    Xbox 360 slim 16d5s need modding service

    Need modding service in texas dallas here. Slim xbox 360 made aug 2012 with phillips lite-on dg-16d5s drive. What is the price and how long does it take? Shipping cost?
  10. TechFreak2516

    LITEON DG-16D2S Jungle Flasher Not reqognizing drive after dvdkey32..... PLEASE HELP(FLASHING)SCARED!

    Ok i dont know my exact model number for my drive but i am trying to flash it and it reqognized before and it ccompleted dvdkey32 and i have set source to target and i made the keys (2) MATCH.And then i go to mtk flash32 and i relooad and it doesnt see it.And i go to any other tabs it doesnt see...
  11. T

    LITEON DG-16D2S Flashing Xbox 360 Liteon Drive DG-16D2S

    Okay well, I've opened up my old phat xbox 360 and found out that it was manufactured on October 2008, so I guess I could flash it. Anyways, I wanted to flash my xbox 360 liteon drive, but my computer doesn't have a sata port. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't have a sata port because I searched...
  12. A

    FIXED Cannot dump - Please HELP

    Drive: Lite-On DG-16D4S (0401) SATA Chipset: VIA 6421 I am unable to dump the firmware/key using JungleFlasher. I am Power Cycling the drive properly using the switch but am unable to dump the firmware.... Please help... Here is my JungleFlasher log: JungleFlasher 0.1.96 Beta (323) Session...
  13. A

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM How To Unlock Drive PCB - Please HELP

    Drive: Lite-On DG16D4S FW Ver: 0401 HW Ver: A0A0 Chipset: MXIC (Number starts with 03) Dashboard: 16747 Can someone please guide me on how to flash this drive with LT+3.0 ? I checked out a couple of videos on YouTube which showed how to unlock and flash Winbond Drives (number starting with...
  14. S

    GENERAL LTU2 Dead?

    I was using my dg-16d5s drive the other day that has the ltu2 board installed and everything has been working fine. I've only owned this board for about 2 months and then the other day when I wanted to play gta v, it would not read it. It won't read originals or backups at all. I took it apart...
  15. T

    Dumbest Short Circuit Ever Liteon 16d2s

    Hello everyone ! It's not the first time i've done flashing,mods... But today i've done something really stupid and now i would like some help and diagnostics how bad it is and can it be fixed trough any mosfet soldering soldering stuff, i've already checked the pcb but nothing fishy on it ...
  16. S

    R-JTAG R-Jtag Dual Nand installation and Disk Flashing Falcon help

    So iv'e been researching this for a while and Iv'e been getting set back. First things first i have a Falcon console running on the latest dash as of 2/9/2014. I have a liteon drive so I already know i need some more parts to flash. But I need links to tutorials on how to install all these as...
  17. H

    ANSWERED flashed lt+ 3.0 on Benq without CK3 -> Whats CK3 good for?

    Hi, I wanted to flash my Benq VAD6038 to lt+ 3.0 firmware however when I was reading tutorials I've realized that I don't have CK3. Anyway I wanted to try it without CK3, so I used my xbox to power my drive then I connected it with my mainboard via sata cable and then do exactly what is in this...
  18. O

    What is needed to get the CPU_KEY off Corona V2 to flash 16D5S 1175

    Sorry if there are threads a'plenty on topics like this but I have been reading guides pretty much all day trying to figure out what I had to do/get to flash my slims dvd drive. At first it started as "oh I have a 16D4S I can get a replacement PCB" to "What fricken glich chip will work with this...
  19. I

    Newcomer ImGen1us

    Hi everyone, im newcomer to xbox forum and also xbox 360 owner. (brought one because the last user have gta 5 and i was waiting for pc version but was too easy). Im living in Quebec Canada and thats it for now. Have a nice days guys/girls ;) Patrick
  20. G

    GENERAL follow up to my previous question about drive swaps...

    as somebody kindly helped me by saying that using a slim liteon insted of a slim hitachi would be no easier to flash as it would require rgh, i have this question... would it be possible to buy a phat xbox drive and put it into my slim (i guess it would be bigger but i could just keep the xbox...