1. H

    LITEON DG-16D2S Cant read copied games

    So in short. i have 2 xboxes 1 is flashed other isnt i gave the unflashed to my sister and kept the other myself i have burnout paradise which i made iso of and then burned it to Think Xtra double layer disc worked just great and we both could play online i bought 4 Acme double layers and made...
  2. X

    XGD3 Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for burning XGD3?

    I find out some guy is selling "flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU" drive, in some other thread says that drive don't support Xgd3... So, is it possible? New LITE-ON iHAS120-04 cost about 15-16E, and he is selling Flashed LITE-ON iHAS120-04 DU for 27E, is that the same model...? After I buy that...
  3. P

    XGD3 New burned games show disc not supported

    Hello guys i got a xbox 360 phat flashed and i started playing around with it after a long time...The old back ups that i got play nice(updated dashboard to latest coz asked me)but new games like nba2k14 and fifa dont seem to...I patched them,injected the topology and burned with img with the...
  4. U

    XGD3 Burner

    will the asus DRW-24B3ST work for burning xbox 360 games? If not, what will work equal to the iHas burners? The iHas Burners are rare and expensive, so I need a cheap burner that will do just as good as iHas. Here is the link for the drive I plan to get if it does what I need it to do...
  5. K

    Cannot Unflag Account

    Hi all. I've searched around quite a bit, but haven't found any method that works for me. I have 2 consoles at the moment. 1 is flagged, but hasn't been online, and the other is a fresh 360. My Live account is on my flagged 360, and I want to move it to my unflagged one. Unfortunately, the...
  6. T

    Where is flashed filmware stored?

    Im getting a new dvd drive and im going to replace the new chip in the drive with the old 1. i was wondering if filmware is stored on this chip and will i need to reflash my drive? its a phat liteon.
  7. BoBoo

    LITEON 0225 backups wont play

    I just flashed my xbox 360 slim Liteon 0225 Winbond dvd drive today with a replacement pcb with LT+ v 3.0 using jungleflasher, a usb360 and CK3i. the system works fine, can even read my original copies of my games. but it wont play the backups, it just says "please insert the xbox360 game disc"...
  8. R

    ANSWERED drive wont open

    been pulling out my hair for hours.... maybe someone could help me out. flashed my liteon 0225 drive with 3.0+ using x360USB Pro and a replacement PCB. I first saved the key dummy inquiry and serial .bins saved from before i put new pcb in. then flashed that to 3.0. locked it and put the pcb...
  9. A

    xbox 360 Modchip

    hey guys i have a modchipped xbox360 i want to flash my xbox.. so my question is what should i do simply flash to lt 2.0 or have to get the modchip removed first :)
  10. ppkpatrick

    July 19 Update Failing

    I re-flashed my Benq back to stock today so I could update and play my non backups,but at the end of the update it failed saying "Status Code: 335A-351f-1380-0702-c000-oo99" just wondering if anybody else had this problem.
  11. ppkpatrick

    DVD Key

    [Answered]DVD Key Can I use the probe to retrieve the DVD key on a LITE-On drive flashed with LT+ 1.9?
  12. T

    [USA] Looking for Lite on 74850c drive(USA)

    I'm searching for a new drive being as mine is broken.(tray won't open) Must be a working LIte on Dg-16d2s 784850c fw! Willing to pay cash if price is right.
  13. G

    Original Disk on xbox live with Flashed drive

    Im very very new to all of this but never the less finaly got everything working on my xbox 360 and running back ups fine and even the ones AP25 but now for maybe a stupid question. I backed up my copy of COD black ops so my 10yr old son doesnt ruin it , now if i want to play on xbox live im...
  14. S

    Xbox 360 slim Flashing (Available now)

    Go to LINK REMOVED for xbox 360 slim flashing for £60. Please thanks if it helped you. Thanks