1. C


    Hi i just bought a x360 usb pro 2 and hooked it up to my xbox dvd drive hitachi 79 and i installed the drivers but in device manager it comes up as ck3i not x360 usb pro JUNGLE FLASHER wont detect my drive but i clicked on com port 3 and i can open and close my dvd drive but i cant click usb...
  2. S

    Q's about Returning 74850 to stock prior to flash update

    I am about to update one of my xbox's that has been offline since the flash update, so i need to return it to the stock firmware for a Liteon 74850 before i do the Microsoft update. My question is this: what is the best jungle flasher to use to return to this stock? will the newest one work...
  3. ppkpatrick

    BenQ VAD6038 stuck

    I'm using jungle flasher to read a BenQ flashed with LT+ 1.9,but for some reason when the drive is in vendor mode and i hit read,It gets stuck reading bank 1.I'm just wondering if it's safe to close jungle flasher or unplug the drive?