1. Z


    Hello everyone! I had just bought the X360USB PRO v2 and my computer will not find the drivers automatically. Does anyone have the drivers for this? And that can be used on Windows 7 64 bit? I already tried looking for the drivers in the forums and but could not find a link that worked. I would...
  2. W

    iHAS 124-14 (E) Burner Max Help

    Hey guys So I had been using an iHAS 124 B with Burner Max firmware to burn all my XGD3 games for quite some time. Well the drive up and died on me (I suspect one of the kids dropped it or something) and I began to look for a new drive to continue to make my backups. I looked at more B...
  3. TechFreak2516

    Will this pcb unlocked work?

    I have already recived the the keys and saved all the info from my liteon dg-16d4s dvd drive.It has the mxic chip running firmware version 0272.I have 17 dollars left total to spend.i have already purchased and recived my xecuter x360 usb pro v2 and i got the keys and all. And i have good...
  4. Titanfreak736

    JUNGLE FLASHER How to fix a bricked slim lite-on with via6421 sata pci card

    Ok so you bricked your slim drive in jungle flasher, your probably think your screwed. But after lots of time fiddling with jungle flasher i found a answer on how to force a slim dirve into vendor mode to recover it from the dead heres how Materials Needed (Via 6421 Sata card), or...
  5. S

    Xbox 360 won't boot with DVD drive or HDD

    So my phat xbox 360 falcon wont boot with a dvd drive or hdd connected. it boots fine without either one but once I connect the sata cable from the drive and turn it on, the power light stays solid for about 5-8 seconds then starts flashing. the system will not boot. the drive and hdd are fine...
  6. R

    ANSWERED Question about flashing with X360USB PRO V2

    I just bought a used Phat Xbox that was never opened. I am currently trying to flash the BenQ dvd drive that came with it, but whenever I boot up Jungleflasher the top left LED goes from green(WINAPI) to red(PORTIO). Also it tells me the DVD key isn't found even though this Xbox was never opened...
  7. C

    ANSWERED Complete noob question

    Okay I just bought the x360pro v2 and I'm buying the unlocked pcb soon but is there a full tutorial for flashing liteon 16d4s 1071 I can't seem to find one anyway and I've been looking a while
  8. T

    X360USB PRO X360USB PRO V2 Driver help

    Hey @all.. I've just got a little problem. Whatever i do my CKi Driver wont come up just the X360USB PIO Driver (which is not installed) BTW: Sry for my bad english, im from Germany. ♥
  9. R

    BENQ Stuck on what to do while flashing

    Hi guys im very new to this, let me just start by saying thanks to everyone who wrote tutorials on how to rgh consoles 4 successful mods in 2 weeks :). And a special thanks to martin you saved my first xbox when i fried r4b24. Now my problem is ive just bought 2 falcon motherboards off ebay and...
  10. A

    GENERAL Updating flashed xbox 360 slim!!

    Hi i want to flash my 360 slim back...it was flash before but i play online a lot so xbox sent an ipdate and i update it through usb so i can keep playing online now i want to flash it back. What do i need? i have a usb to sata adapter but i hvnt flash before somebady did it for me so idk what...
  11. Dicko316

    [UK] 360 Services/RGH/JTAG/Consoles/Repairs - Middlesbrough/UK

    Current as of March 2015 CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, SORRY GUYS. [Services][*Prices exclude glitch chips, QSB's or dual nand chips where applicable] RGH & JTAG - Install Service ------------------------------------------ £20.00* Demon - Dual Nand Install Service...
  12. B

    LITEON DG-16D2S I fried the dvd drives mobo

    I recently tried to flash my liteon-DG-162DS and when ever I plugged in the power to the liteon it fried the mobo I was wondering if there was any other way to get the dvd key with out the dvd drive and without RGH. Thanks in advance!!:)
  13. Zendoku

    Soldering for the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1.

    Hey guys I am wondering how to solder for the xbox 360 slim DG-16D4S dvd drive. I am a complete noob at soldering. May you please tell me materials needed for soldering in the LITEON DG-16D4S - UNLOCKED REPLACEMENT PCB V1.1. Also can I have pictures of where you solder at to remove old...
  14. C

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Slim flashing, cheapest option

    Hello, i apologize if this already has been answered in another post but i've read so many post the past 2 weeks and im going crazy. I dont have a lot of money since im a student and i'd lke to flash my Xbox 360 slim (i have the info on a pic[Pic nr 1]). As i've understood it the cheapest way...
  15. I

    ANSWERED X360USBPRO v2 Help!!

    I don't have a Molex to Sata power adapter to i have used my computer to power it while the usb is connected to my laptop. Will this work?? first time using the X360USBPRO v2 so I haven't had any experience and didn't have a guide to follow. Please help me. What's my next step?
  16. S

    LITEON DG-16D2S DVD Flashing/Firmware

    Currently, I am in the process of purchasing a new drive for my Xbox arcade system. At the moment, though I'm not sure which kernel, it has a way older dashboard on it. Since I have no choice but to replace this drive - since it seems it has the "Open Tray Error"; as it was given to me, I have...
  17. B

    LITEON DG-16D2S I Got A Problem - The Flashing Green Light In The Middle

    Some Info Ive Done - New Drive And New Cables - Drive Wont Open Or Eject ( No Noise ) - Its Not A Bad Flash Does Any One Have Any clue ???
  18. C


    Hey guys, I am new to modding and searched all over this site and google for fixes but cant seem to fix this error. O had the usual portio32 and 64 errors but got that dealt with. Jungleflasher now loads fine but when I click the HITACHI tab is gives me an error saying: Unhandled exception has...
  19. T

    HITACHI NON-79 Help @ Hitachi 47

    Hello, I have a problem: I'm trying to flash my Hitachi 47 with LT2.0. I use a SATA cable and use the power of the xbox 360. First the drive was read by JF, I wanted to put the FW to stock. Few moments later I couldn't find it anywhere in JF. Same problem on another PC. I can still find it in...
  20. T

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Xbox 360 Slim Liteon 13599 Dash Update Safely flash to OFW

    Hi, I'm new to posting but I've read through so much of various websites looking for an answer for my question but have not seen in any of them. I have an Xbox 360 Slim that is LiteOn DG-16D4S 9504 stock FW, now FW: 0272 and has the Dashboard 13599 update. It has never been flashed before this...