1. X

    GENERAL Beginner Flashing Faqs

    Here are some frequently asked questions i see all over the place that iv decided to answer for anyone who is a beginner or just needs there questions answered :) its my first post so if anyone wants to help out feel free to leave a comment or pm me, and if you have any questions pm me or post...
  2. S

    LITEON 93450 LT 1.91

    Hi im tryin to flash my xbox 360 drive...im using x360usb pro along with ck3 pro and ck3 probe 3 and my computer is pickin up my drive just fine...my problem is no matter where i get the LT 1.91 firmware pack i cant unpack it with winrar...it keeps askin me to enter the password for the...
  3. xbox360 hacker

    [UK] Xbox360 flashing

    Location North East England ( Bedlington ) XBOX 360 ( Phat ) Sending drive only £20 (Be sure to update console first) sending console £25 ( will update to the latest dash before flashing) Price includes return first class recorded delivery. key will be zipped and emailed to you and...
  4. F

    how to replace 0225 drives to 9504 DVD drive ?

    hi im new i have a XBox Slim / Lite-On 0225 i bought Xbox 360 (Slim) DVD Drive PHILIPS LITEON (DG16D4S 9504) now i want to replace it please tell me how to replace it and what tool do i have to buy for extract key from 0225 and flashing the new drive 9505 thanks .
  5. Happyhobo

    LITEON 74850 Flashing Liteon with eSata possibility?

    I've been looking all over the internet but i'm struggling to find an answer. I've got a Liteon xbox which i'm trying to flash using JungleFlasher 0.1.84 beta connected via a sata to eSata cable. The computer knows the connection is there, however JungleFlasher won't recognize the eSata port. Is...
  6. T

    BENQ Stock Firmware not flashing

    Here's the story I had a Liteon Xbox 360 in which I damaged th Liteon drive and sended it to a pro modder and he replaced that faulty liteon drive with a Benq VAD6038 and spoofed it as a Liteon drive . The firmware in the drive was Liteon LT+ 1.1. Now I want is to flash that Benq drive with the...
  7. F

    HITACHI NON-79 problem with my drive

    hello im new on this flashing world, and ive been reading a lot, i just bought a ck3 pro and 360usb pro so i can flash my xbox now. i flash without a problem my two liteon Liteon DG-16D2S 74850C, but here comes the problem... When I did not have the tools to flash my new xbox elite, I gave it...
  8. C

    ANSWERED Best power supply to use when flashing drive.

    Does anyone have preferences on what power supply to use on the DVD drive while flashing to keep from Getting banned? I would like to find one that's fairly cheap. Thanks in advance!:D
  9. P

    [UK] Been here a while and never tried

    offering a flashing service Doncaster £40 for slims (9504 until we get some more news) and £30 for xbox 360 originals Doncaster area ONLY!!:D:D
  10. X

    [CANADA] Flashing Services In New Brunswick

    I was wondering if there is anyone that does flashing in New Brunswick Canada? Preferably in Fredericton or surrounding area. This is for the slim 0225 drive when Firmware is released
  11. F

    GENERAL SATA issue ..

    So I have this older WinXP desktop that i would like to use for flashing. Upon removing the side panel, i found that I do not have an internal sata port, only IDE. What sort of adapter should i look into. I have seen IDE to SATA adapters and USB to SATA adapters i am not sure what would be...
  12. R

    LITEON 74850 Opinions wanted on flashing options

    I have a LiteOn 74850C and I want to flash it. I want peoples opinions and pro/cons for either: 1. Buying a CK3 Probe and CK3 Pro and flash my self (looking at around £40 Inc Postage) 2. Sending the drive off and have it done for £20. I guess with option 1 I have the tools to flash again and...
  13. W

    What is needed to flash Lite-on 83850V2 & 93450C with X360USB PRO?

    Okay, i'm a noob at flashing and I apologize if this question has been answered before, but I just wanted to confirm what exactly is needed to flash Lite-on 83850V2 & 93450C with X360USB PRO. I know that I will need: X360USB PRO (obviously:p) A CK3 Connectivity kit (I will be purchasing a pro)...
  14. E

    Yes I am a noob but I have a question!

    Please do not make fun of me for this but I have never flashed a xbox before and I have tried with a adapter but it would not recognize the drive, so I was planning to purchase this. But I was wondering if the x360usb pro was all I needed to buy. Because I heard that I need ck3 pro also. So...
  15. M


    I have a couple old XBox360s that have different drives in each of them and was wondering if i flash them if i can put them in my new XBox or if i have to stick to the drive that actually came in my XBox.
  16. M


    I need to know if there is anyone out there that can flash my lite-on 93450c drive...ive read how to do it and am not interested in trying it myself...was just wondering if anyone was interested in doing it for me...let me know a price and all that and we will see what happens.
  17. G

    South West Xbox 360 Flashing Services

    Based in Yeovil, Somerset All Phat Drives Flashed: £10 Laser Replacement: £20 inc Laser Prices are for local drop off/pick up, if delivery required +£5 for Drive only, +£10 for Console. Email me: [email protected]
  18. A

    [UK] 360Flash-UK Xbox 360 flashing service

    360Flash-UK Xbox 360 flashing service+YLOD Fix Xbox 360 flashing service based in the UK (Peterborough). Very low prices. 360Flash-UK.webs.com Check it out now! (drive only) - Posting only the DVD drive on it's own. (console) - Posting your complete console with no accessories. Prices for...
  19. H

    ANSWERED Can I flash to 0800 and back?

    Hello I want to make some rips of games. I read that the 0800 firmware is the best for the task. I do have my dvd key from earlier when I flashed to LT+ . My question is, can I flash to 0800, rip some games, and flash back to LT+ without problems? Best regards :cool: