1. V

    VT6421 instalation help

    I have been searching the fourms for this but can't find it. I know I have put the card in the PCI slot. Done Now I remember reading something about NOT instLling the drivers and disabeling something somewhere but I can't find this thread anywhere. Can someone plz point me in the right direction.
  2. C

    Replacing a mechanically broken drive with a working one

    I have an xbox 360 with a mechanically broken "Benq VAD6038", I want to replace that drive with with a working drive from another 360, a "Hitachi GDR-3120L". I have read on the forums that in order for this to work without getting banned from xbox-live, the new drive must have the same Hardware...
  3. R

    xell wont boot and jtag will not turn on.

    So one day i was updating xbr to freeBOOT and i successfully did that until i tried to install dashlaunch. So i made a freeBOOT image with dashlauch and flashed it with flash360 and now my jtag will not boot up. So i ordered Nand-x installed it and now i dont know what to do, cause i have...
  4. A

    Xbox 360 flashing service

    NO longer availiable
  5. E

    Blaster CK3 360 + BenQ VAD6038 FW Ver: 64930C question

    Hello everyone, I would personally like to thank Team Xecuter for making such a wonderful website and helping everyone with their helps and needs. You all make things so easy now days! So my point of this post is this. I'm customizing my 3rd Xbox 360 and as you can tell it has a BenQ drive and...
  6. E

    Trouble w/ LiteOn 74850c Firmware Update

    Hello fellow modders, I was looking for a little help flashing my LiteOn drive... so I will first state exactly what I have for hardware and what I'm trying to accomplish. I bought a second-hand Xbox 360 elite with a LiteOn 74850c installed. It turns out that the previous user had the drive...
  7. E

    In Need of US Installer To Flash Xbox Slim

    Hi the title pretty much says it all I live in the united states my state is ohio if you are an extremely good flasher and know how to flash the brand new xbox slims then message me or leave a comment and you need to live in the U.S. and if you meet all the requirements then msg me and we will...
  8. F

    Flashing 93450c

    Hello, I've been doing alot of research into modding my Lite On 93450c and i was wondering this. I want to buy a Blaster CK3, Will that be enough to flash/dump it? Or do i have to buy a Lite On Switch with it? Is it also possible to get the green led's in the blaster blue? And is there a...
  9. J

    ANSWERED CK3 Lite and liteon flash question!

    hey guys, i recently bought a CK3 Lite with a CK3 Probe V1. I connected everything and put the tray into the half opened mode and i keep getting "Warning, Serial data is bad" i have no idea whats going on. Im probing the right point and im getting a green light on my probe but i still...
  10. J

    HITACHI 78FK: Flashed and result is working 360 w/ sound, but no video.

    Hello everyone, I am a noob and new to flashing 360. Earlier today I flashed my Hitachi 78FK drive and sound/video were working perfectly prior to flash and once I had flashed the drive and hooked it up to the TV only the sound would work. Yes, I have made sure that the switch is on HDTV and I...
  11. R

    Im new to this! Help please?

    Hello. Im new to this. I had to some1 flash my xbox for me. But now my brother and some friends want their xboxs flashed like mine to play burned games. So i want to learn how to do this. Is there anyone who can give me some advise? Or tips?
  12. D

    Lite on - cant get computer to recognise

    I got the key for my lite on earler adn got to the bit where i try turning the liteon on and off to get ready to erase it, next thing i know the power to the house cuts out so figured id continue when i get home later I turned the computer back on and tried to connect the lite on with the...
  13. A

    [info] Laptop Flashing-List of Laptops with either ExpressCard or PCMCIA slot or both

    Going through the Xecuter forum, I myself got pretty confused on whether I had an ExpressCard slot or a PCMCIA slot so as to hook in the PCMCIA VIA 6421 chipset. But here is a list of most of the laptops which contain them ie. They either contain an ExpressCard slot (if that is the case with...
  14. supersymm3try

    A Word of Warning to Idiots...

    Here is an update about a problem i had a little while ago. i came to this forum in desparate need of advice for an issue i had been having for quite some time and i feel like my story is worth mentioning maybe even just as a word of warning to others. I wont bore you with my full original...
  15. M

    unmodding unbanning

    how is it possible to un mode your machine. and my second question is what do I need to to key extractios and flashing......I need everything I suppose....an do I just open my pc plug in a long sata (or e sata)cable to my dvd drive....doeas my drive need to be partioned to load a program or...
  16. Teajunkie

    Flashing FAQ's

    FLASHING THE DVD DRIVE FAQ Q: What does having "Hacked Firmware" let me do? A: All it does is modify your DVD drive's firmware to allow it to play burnt (backup) games. The newest version is iXtreme 1.61 (ixtreme LT coming soon) Q: What tutorial should I use? A: We have a section dedicated...