1. A

    Touch screen doesn't work most of the time when booting SX OS?

    Hi all, SX OS was originally working fine, then, all of a sudden the touch screen no longer works within SX OS during most boots. I can boot into the standard switch OS and the touch screen works fine. If I spend 30+ minutes booting into SX OS, hard restarting it, and booting it, eventually...
  2. E

    sx os v2.2 beta freezes on sleep mode on emunand

    i dont know if team xecuter is aware but since update v2.0 my switch freezes on going into sleep mode v2.1 & 2.2 have not fixed the issue fro me. v1.9 never had that issue when going back to it. the issue seems to only appear when using emunand. ofw 6.0.1, cfw efw 5.1, would like to know if op...
  3. danlml

    AutoRCM Enabled and stucket in "Boot.dat?"

    Hello, yesterday the sx pro arrived to my home, I placed the files in the SD and put the dongle in the console. The first time all was good, I activated the autorcm, installed the CFW got the license-request.dat file and I turned off the console to get the file to my computer. When I got the...
  4. F

    Xbox350 S Fan speed not ramping up under load.

    I have a quick question regarding an xbox I have acquired and thought you guys might be able to shed some light for me. This xbox was a family members, was never really used as the we're too old to figure it out (54). I was given this xbox for my son to play with and was very happy to receive it...
  5. V

    SAMSUNG MS25 Bad flash. Windows freezes

    Hi guys. Tried updating the flash on my Samsung drive and everything was going well until the power shutoff during the write phase. I know I know, should have use a kit, but I actaully forgot to keep the av cables connected and that's why it shutoff. So anyways, now I can't access the drive at...
  6. K

    Xbox 360 slim freeze with pixels on the screen

    Hi, i just bought the Black Friday bundle from best buy and had it modded with 1175 PCB LT3.0. It was working fine but after modding by one day it started freezing after 10mins of game play with pixels randomly over the screen. I tried to work without the hard drive and changed the display cable...
  7. B

    Freezing issues

    Hi guys, a little while ago, i updated my dashboard to the latest kernel 16203. I have an RGHv1'ed phat console with demon xecuter installed. Everything has been working great. Tonight, i was hoping for some gaming time but unfortunately my xbox kept on freezing, either the dashboard and/or when...
  8. F

    GENERAL Original Jasper freezing

    Hi, I have a jasper Original 512 has the following problem: often at startup freezes during the animation of the logo; or ends, but the animation does not go in the dash; or if part, and go into management profile stops working; If I start playing it rarely freezes. What can I check? only...
  9. H

    Checkerboard rage!

    whenever i try to turn on my rghed 360 it checkerboards and freezes on splash any ideas? don't have a good camera. btw i DID take out xclamp
  10. T

    Lite-on 0225 won't read any more

    I have a flashed lite on 0225 with lt+2.0.Today I threw in my gta original and it froze. It continued to do so. Then I got a disk dirty or damaged error. Now I go to put in skyrim and I get the same error. Then I try again and it loads the screen starts getting jagged blue "mountains" in it...
  11. N

    Coolrunner rev.B Phat Xbox Issue

    Hi! Before i start this topic let me tell that i have done around 70 RGH including Jasper, Falcon, Zephyr & Slim. I also did plenty of Jtags when there was no way like RGH, so i know what i am talking about. I didn't use any chip accept coolrunner for this purpose, rev A was perfect not even...
  12. D

    liteon 2510c problems

    so i was flashing my liteon to lt 2.0 and my daughter turned on my xbox without a disk drive. ok so no biggie right? well i put my back up of GOW 3 in there and it went to the title screen, pressed start, brought up a black screen and thats it. i have tried reflashing and re backing up. but i...
  13. R


    ok first off, I have flashed this drive before, I remember it being a bitch, but finally working. I just cant get it this time.... Im trying to flash to STOCK FIRMWARE, then update DASH then flash to 1.91....... Windows 7 Lite on 74850 (was 1.1LT, now empty erased now) newest Jungleflasher VIA...
  14. G

    Freeze/Lockups and HDD problem

    So i spended my last day testing because some ocational freeze/lockups i had got more severe. I only experienced them in Fable 3, F1 2010 and Fallout 3. It's verified that these games have tons of bugs. So i blame that and not the drive or a potential RRoD coming. All of these titles begin...
  15. NuBLoZ

    LITEON 74850 Destroyed Liteon Help Please

    Okay, so recently I erased my firmware, then messed up on going into vender mode. I still have the original firmware. But I can't find any way to go into vendor mode to write the modded or original firmware. Because every time I turn on the xbox, the actual xbox power, and the Blaster CK3...
  16. Y

    Xbox makes a BEEP! and freezes after RROD fix

    Hello everyone im new to this awesome page... I hope you guys can help me out :) I opened my console, changed the thermal paste, put an eraser in the ram chip and added 2 more fans, one at the right and another in the top (havent changed the x clamps since I am thinking on buying the kit...
  17. K

    Xbox 360 Slim freeze.

    Hello, i have bought new xbox 360 slim 2 days ago. its get freeze randomly and after restart i get RED dot light and blank screen.. any idea how to fix it?
  18. B

    Frustrating Problem

    First off, thanks in advance to any & all who have the patience to even read this. I sincerly appreciate it & I'm really impressed by the helpfulness that just seems to radiate from everyone on this site. It makes me forget I'm on the internet. Since a little after launch, till present day, I...
  19. S

    Jungle Flasher freezes, after via drivers were removed port io manually installed etc

    So I was getting ready to flash another sammy ms28, should be a piece of cake i thought. I did everything according to tut and when it gets up to reading bank 0 ... jf is not responding. my via drivers are removed correctly, i flashed tons of sammys before, i tried installing portIO drivers...