1. oblivioncth

    FIXED Can't get Slim Trinity to Glitch

    Hello, I have RGH'ed slims before and have not had any trouble so this is a first for me. My setup is: -Cap Open -JP closed -1&2 closed -Top QSB with Nand-X ports -Post QSB -Yellow cable on Post QSB "1" -Double shielded cable on QSB"44" -Double sheilded cable shielding grounded to...
  2. H

    Trinity Dash 15574 hae done ecc but verify help

    Hi, im not sure if that is working what i have done and before killing a trinity please one of you verify this. I read a trinity Nand with a stock 15574 Nand Then i extract the CB_B_9321.bin and rename it CB_B.9321.bin and put it in the j-runner CB Folder. I reload the Nand.bin and hit create...
  3. H

    trinity CB_B.9231 j-runner help

    Hi is it possible to glitch a trinity with CB_B 9231?
  4. N

    RGH Falcon 5773 Xell boots, Dashboard doesn't

    Hello, I used the RGH2 for a Falcon v2 (late version - sep. 2008) and after I got the right wiring positions, Xell boots fine within 30 Seconds. The LED is flashing right an so I think the wiring is okay if Xell boots every time. I built the hacked 14719 Image using J-Runner and XEBuild GUI...
  5. B

    RGH No HDMI Output - RGH/CR - SLIM - Trinity - help!

    Hi all ive just RGH a trinity slim 360, with coolrunner revB, nandx qsb yesterday all was working fine on my work bench, had xell up and loaded FSD fine through HDMI, was pretty chuft as it was my first RGH lol today i come to put the 360 board back in its case and i screw it all up and now i...
  6. N

    Coolrunner rev.B Phat Xbox Issue

    Hi! Before i start this topic let me tell that i have done around 70 RGH including Jasper, Falcon, Zephyr & Slim. I also did plenty of Jtags when there was no way like RGH, so i know what i am talking about. I didn't use any chip accept coolrunner for this purpose, rev A was perfect not even...
  7. A

    RGH Zephyr Keeps Glitching Xell Reloaded Install Fails

    I attempted to install Xell Reloaded on my Zephyr using JTAG 4.25. After writing the ECC and starting my console with the eject button, the Coolrunner continues to keep glitching indefinitely until I disconnect it. I noticed that the Coolrunner's green LED blinked about every 5 seconds. I...
  8. D

    GENERAL A little info + help on crashing jasper rgh

    HI, I haven't posted here much but i hack a lot of suff and this one has stumped me. I have glitched 2 jaspers and 1 falcon so far with the same coolrunner board. The falcon glitched no problem, the bb 256mb jasper 6751 glitched no problem also, both within 2 resets. The 2nd jasper that the...
  9. DARKFiB3R

    RGH FiB3R's Glitch guide

    FiB3R's TX Glitch Guide (w.i.p.) IMPORTANT: This guide is in the process of being updated for Multi Builder 0.95a It might be a good idea to wait until I have finished updating the guide before using it. Once finished, this message will be removed. Guide currently based on Dashboard...
  10. O

    Batman Arkham City issue

    So i burned Arkham city but since its a xgd3 3% is missing since i dont have that new burner yet. I got to the part where you have to go interogate quincy sharp but when i do it just sits on a black screen. I can hear myself running around if i mess with the controller durring this black screen...