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  1. R

    RGH My internal hdd is showing errorwhile launching games -"Disc is Unreadble"

    hello guys, first of all let me tell you i'm new to microsoft and i'm a noob. i have a trinity xb360 W/ 320gb hdd. whenever i'm playing games whether from xex menu(xex format) or god games from internal hdd,. my hardrive is showing error-'disc is unreadable 1.clean disc with soft cloth...
  2. K

    [Xecuter2] Original Xbox with Xecuter 2, without hard drive

    Hi Guys! I made a purchase yesterday, I hope you can help me out here. Down here (in Argentina) the Original Xbox was never released, so the units you can get are very tight. I've purchased it yesterday, for a few buchs (around 40USD) as "malfunctioning". The guy that sold it to me told me that...
  3. ultimate360

    Falcon with on-board HDD initialization failure, ideas?

    So I have a Falcon v1 mobo here on dash 16747 and CB 5774, It seems to have some sort of issue with hard drives. On stock, the system will not recognize a HDD at all, I can connect one and unplug it while it's on the dashboard and it does nothing to the console, no reboot like it should, no...
  4. jdoe91011

    How do I transfer files BACK to my new 1TB Xbox HDD?

    Hi Guys, I'm not not sure if this is the right place for this post, but it seemed somewhat appropriate. So I have an RJTAG'd Phat Jasper 512 MB, that I just installed a 1TB HDD into. Prior to installing this, I copied all my files from my original 120GB Xbox HDD onto my PC over FTP using the...
  5. X

    ANSWERED Error E 68

    Hi everyone! I'm sorry if this post doesn't belong in here, but since I've been lurking the forums for a while now and didn't find an solution to my issue, I thought I might as well post it in the noob room... A friend of mine lent me his xbox to check on it because it was faulty. After I turned...
  6. oblivioncth

    RGH Creating a SATA Power Switch for Hard Drives

    This isn't the exact place to put this, but neither is the case modding section. I figure I would put it here because I know this sections gets great support. What I am looking to do is basically an ultimate example of laziness, but at the same time it is still a great project. At first I...
  7. G

    Geniune Hard Drive?

    Hello! Im new in the Team Xecuter Forums, but I know a lot of Xbox 360. :D Yesterday, a hard drive I bought from Internet arrived to my home. I paid a original 250GB hard drive. This is a picure of my Hard Drive So, when I saw the "Made In China" :mad2: I thought that was a generic...
  8. D

    GENERAL Hard drive, phat to slim and back

    What I'm looking to do is take the hard drive from my phat, which I use on my jtag and retail, and use it on my slim. I know, I can open the drive case, remove the drive, and place it into the slim but I would like to be able to quickly swap back and forth. I do not believe Xecuter has any...
  9. K

    Turn a XBOX 360 hard drive into a normal one?

    Ok I have spent the last hour learning everything I can about xbox 360 hard drives. What I want to do is turn an XBOX 360 hard drive into a normal drive that I can use in my computer. Is this super easy and im just dumb? Or more trouble than its worth? To make a normal HDD an xbox 360 drive...
  10. A

    ANSWERED Mod to draw 12V for 3.5 HDD

    Hi, I have a slim xbox RGH and I currently am using a 1tb external HDD with a seperate powersupply for the hard drive. I have purchased a sata power/data extention cable an I was wondering if i could splice in a 12v source from my 360. Or would this damage my 360? Attached is a picture of the...
  11. K

    Install backup games to hard drive

    Can i still install backup games to hard drive and play them from HDD when the disc is in the xbox?
  12. C

    What is the benefit of installing a game to the hard drive?

    So yeah, I just wanted to know, why install games to the Xbox HDD? what are the benefits of this? Better read? Less glitches? I don't understand the point because even when I installed the game on the HDD they still asked to insert the disc? Thanks for the responses
  13. C

    Questions on installing XGD3 on Hard Drive

    What are the benefits of installing an XGD3 back up on the XBOX Hard Drive? And if the upcoming “Dash” Update makes us re-burn our XGD3 backups, will I have to... [1] delete the XGD3 backup currently installed on the Hard Drive, [2] Re-Rip the XGD3 backup [probably with updated dae.bin]...
  14. M

    Swapping HD from JTag console to LIVE console

    I have 2 360s. I have one that is stock and I use it for xbox live purposes. It is unbanned and I us it for Xbox Live. My other console, I want to JTag it. But For the DLC content I will install on my JTag console, I want to play the content on xbox live. 1. Will I get banned if I take my...
  15. M

    Genuine M$ 120GB HDD £35.99

    Don't know if this is of interest to anyone but the wife pointed this out to me today. http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=8664
  16. C

    Need help with 360 hard drive connection kit

    Hi, I bought a Xbox 360 hard drive connectivity kit and finally got it in today. I installed the drivers and xplorer360. When i connect the hard drive it shows up an error saying "failed to read cluster chain map." It doesnt show up in my C/ drive but does show up in Disk Management. However, it...