1. T

    RGH I think my HDD is broken

    When i got Xex menu working i was looking at my console and forgot to plugin mt HDD, then i turned off my system, and plugged it in and now all my system does is Blink a Green light i've been sitting here for 1 hour and nothing has happened please help.
  2. Abbotta4

    RGH XeBuild patches on retail NAND?

    I am looking at using RGLoader on my DemoN NAND so I can use the game recording features of the XNA discussed here [link]. It looks like installation requires that files be copied to HDD, but I would assume that having these there while booted into the retail side would warrant a ban. I was...
  3. E

    GENERAL Accessing User Data from an original 360 for use on a 360E

    Hi all, Firstly, thank you to the many who contribute on here! As you can see I have just signed up, but have been trawling for weeks through the posts trying to learn the basics and hopefully find my solution... I have not been so lucky yet. I see there are a few threads concerning this...
  4. Sinia4ok

    RGH an X-Box 360 S Corona without internal HDD

    Hello Dear Forum. I purchased an 360 Slim with Corona MB manufactured 2013 -Console only with no internal HDD. As I am a newbie and have a few question and your help is much appriciated. 1) Will this pose a problem for RGH by CoolRuner ? 2) Can i use an internal HDD for running all Games as i...
  5. A

    JTAG Need help really bad

    Hello my name is angel i have an xbox arcade and it was flash till i update it i really want to play games from an external harddrive and the only way i saw to do that is with xexmenu i thing im really noob with xbox things i would like to know how to jtag my xbox. would some one give me a full...
  6. K

    Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive Question

    Hello, I don't suppose anybody can tell me if is possible to install a SSHD ( solid-state hybrid drive) to a xbox 360 slim? I'm thinking of buying one thats all. Thanks for your time. Kyle.
  7. P

    RGH How to merge old 'legit' HDD with new 'RGH' HDD...?

    Here's my situation: I have an 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD full of profile data, DLC, Arcade/Indie games and 'installed' games from my retail discs. I recently purchased an RGH Xbox which came with another 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD on which I've installed FSD and begun ripping all of my legit...
  8. D

    HDD Corrupted Launch.ini [HDD]

    Hello, I own a Phat RGH 2.0 Jasper, Today when i turned on my xbox it would not boot up. The xbox would load the xbox intro and than go to a black screen. I realized this is because i had earlier that week change the Launch.ini to boot up FSD. Because I entered the FSD directory wrong it wont...
  9. I

    RGH Question: Can I replace the DVD drive with a 2.5 HDD

    Hi guys. As the title says, i just want to know if its possible to replace the DVD drive with a laptop HDD on an xbox 360 slim. I' ve readed that is possible with a 3.5", but you need to get more power from the motherboard. What about a laptop HDD? I think the power consumption is lower on...
  10. jdoe91011

    How do I get Freestyle Dash to Display and Swap Multi-Disc Games Correctly?

    Hi Guys, I know this question has been asked a million times (that's why I'm posting it in the Noob's section), and believe me, I have done my research along with trial and error prior to posting here. However, a lot of information out there is outdated or conflicting, or both. So I would like...
  11. X

    ANSWERED Possible Xbox 360 HDD Connector Mod/Replacement? (extra SATA port)

    Right so, I have a Xbox 360 that i RGH'd, and i was wondering whether it is possible to desolder the HDD connector on the side of the MB and replace it with a SATA port or even a SATA + SATA power port? Therefore i can then mount a hard drive internally in the Xbox 360 without the Hdd...
  12. jdoe91011

    How do I transfer files BACK to my new 1TB Xbox HDD?

    Hi Guys, I'm not not sure if this is the right place for this post, but it seemed somewhat appropriate. So I have an RJTAG'd Phat Jasper 512 MB, that I just installed a 1TB HDD into. Prior to installing this, I copied all my files from my original 120GB Xbox HDD onto my PC over FTP using the...
  13. X

    ANSWERED Error E 68

    Hi everyone! I'm sorry if this post doesn't belong in here, but since I've been lurking the forums for a while now and didn't find an solution to my issue, I thought I might as well post it in the noob room... A friend of mine lent me his xbox to check on it because it was faulty. After I turned...
  14. E

    RGH getting games to boot from HDD on RGH slim

    As the title says, my question is how do you actually boot games from HDD on an RGH xbox. I checked a lot of tutorials all around the web and even some video tutorials but each one says something different :confused: e.g some of them require special softwares some don't and each one asks for a...

    Questions on dual Hdd Mod HELP!

    Hello guys! I have a Slim Trinity with a Demon and Coolrunner RevC. I have a hacked nand and a stock one for live. My issue is having to switch hdds every time I switch nands. I have been following tutorials posted here about dual hdd mods using a switch or a relay. I plan to attempt the relay...
  16. M

    Running XBOX1 games of external usb-HDD on JTAG

    Hi, i have searched everywhere for this topic, and have not found anything useful yet. I was hoping that someone could give me at detailed description of how to play my XBOX1 iso's from external hdd on my jtag xbox? And what program should i use for extracting my iso onto the hdd? Thanks a lot...
  17. iRun into Walls

    750gb Xbox hdd?

    So i have seen a bunch of youtube videos but i have a hard time believing them. i was wondering how to make a laptop hdd work in a xbox do i just plug it in and it says configure?
  18. X

    GENERAL Switching (Phat) HHD from banned to unbanned console?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anything I should know before switching a (Phat) HHD from a banned console to an unbanned one (both with iXtreme)?? Are there any risks of getting banned?? P.D.: I did search about this and only found old topics (explainig how to fix the "corrupted data" issue)...
  19. C

    RGH Can I put 2 partitions on a Slim 250gb internal HDD?

    I'm getting my 360Slim 250gb modded with a Demon and a CoolRunner3 by Alan as soon as the CoolRunner3's come out. The console has a 250gb hard drive, so, if I replaced it with a 1TB HDD and partition the first to represent the 250gb and the other partition for FSD, Fusion, games etc. This is...
  20. W

    RGH After 250gb to 500gb backup, Freestyle Dash doesn't list games or apps

    Hi, Searched around and didn't find anyone having the same issue I'm having. I should give full background story to what happen, so that the problem is clearer: Initially I had a 500gb HDD on my RGH 360, but I though I'd never fill it up so I opted to swap it for my non-official 250gb WD HDD...