1. A

    USB HDD not detected in XeX

    I just bought a new 500 GB HDD added a few games in the games folder in the root directory. However, It is not detected by XEX or FSD anyway so I cant see them It was NTFS but I then formatted it to FAT 32 still the same. how can I solve this issue
  2. B

    Need urgent help with Boot and Hdd

    I recently installed the RGH to my jasper elite 16mb and it went fine through installation. But the boot times with the DVD drive in is horrible. It'll take a couple minutes or even more. And also when I plug my hdd in the side my screen goes black but my Xbox is still on. Soooo Question1: how...
  3. C

    RGH and 1TB HDD

    Can I take a WD Scorpio Blue WD10JPVT 1TB, format it into two partitions, and use the first partition as a 320GB Official HDD while the second partition is used only for FSD in my Trinity Slim Console? All in the same internal case?
  4. C

    Questions on installing XGD3 on Hard Drive

    What are the benefits of installing an XGD3 back up on the XBOX Hard Drive? And if the upcoming “Dash” Update makes us re-burn our XGD3 backups, will I have to... [1] delete the XGD3 backup currently installed on the Hard Drive, [2] Re-Rip the XGD3 backup [probably with updated dae.bin]...
  5. G

    Freeze/Lockups and HDD problem

    So i spended my last day testing because some ocational freeze/lockups i had got more severe. I only experienced them in Fable 3, F1 2010 and Fallout 3. It's verified that these games have tons of bugs. So i blame that and not the drive or a potential RRoD coming. All of these titles begin...
  6. W

    Ss, pfi, dmi, AP, etc. data stored with game install?

    Is it known if any ss, pfi, dmi, AP, etc. data is stored with a game installation on an hdd? I just assumed that it was just the executable that was stored, but some of the absolute noobs on here have had me worried of late. If somebody could allay noobish fears, it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. N

    internal hdd runs so slow after ftp

    hi all hope someone can help am a total noob to jtag world. recently got a brand new red resident evil jtag and got a brand new 750gb internal hdd fitted. first thing i did was install a backup to the hdd and it booted fine in freedash. next i attempted to ftp the rest of my backups...
  8. dogeatdog

    X360USB PRO X360USB works great (sort of) on XP, but freezes on Windows 7

    Hi guys, First off, congratulations to all involved ! Great product and software combo :) Now, I managed to flash 2 9504's so all is good in the end, but the road to success was bumpy at best :) I use an x360usb of course, flashed with 18.1 (using update tool 0.12). JF 1.81 (226). Using CK3...
  9. manwinder

    xbox 360 hdd help

    i bought a 360 hdd from a guy and it had the mw2 map packs and a few other things, i was wondering how would i get those onto my other 360, do i recover the account on my other 360, what do i do, is there a tutorial
  10. M

    Hdd Upgrade Help Required, HDD Upgrade help required

    Hi Guys I have a 20 GB original and it works fine. My box is jtaged and custom FreeBoot 0.32. I can mount and format my 160 GB and my 320 GB in the xbox 360 but I can't mount them with any tools I know on the pc, I have tried Xplorer360.beta6 and -Xbox-360-Commander-B-ta-Rev.-22 and neither of...
  11. M

    Team Xecuter Nand-X USB 360 Programmer Kit

    Hi Guys I finally got my: Team Xecuter Nand-X USB 360 Programmer Kit and super excited. My xbox360 is a xenon and bought soon after they come out. I tried to do my own jtag but was unsuccessful, with diodes, and resistors on the ltp connector. I have a very short cable like 15 cm's. Any way I...