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  1. G

    RGH my rgh will not power on! NEED HELP!!

    I recently did a RGH my xbox 360 trinity, I left it on over night, and when i woke up, it was off so i pressed the power button and nothing happened, no sound, no light, nothing. so i bought a new psu and tried that. still nothing. it has a x360 ace v3, and the red light on the chip stays on for...
  2. V

    Help! Xbox 360 Slim turns on and works fine, but no video or sound shows up on tv.

    Okay, long story here. Yesterday night, I unplugged my Xbox 360 Slim (250 GB) from my room because I was going to move it to my living room to play there. I unplugged everything, and as I was moving the console and cables around, I accidentally spilled a lit bit of water on top of my Xbox. A...
  3. L

    GENERAL Mame rom help, please

    Hello everyone Xbox 360 slim, Corona V2 (nothing but fun/problems) Dash: 2.0.16747.0 RGH 2, Coolrunner 3 lite I was able to modify the 360 and it has been running fine for quite some time now. My child is very happy but I decided it was time to relive some of the good old days. I am...
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    Xbox 360 BackUp Creator Not Working

    Question answered you may close thread...
  5. Z

    JTAG Jtag Updated My Kernal To 2.0.85!?

    Ok so ive got some tech and a bit of programming exp. Before i jattaged my xenon, its firmware was 2.0.6 or something (100% meeting its ver requirments) after the soldering, LPT Cables, comparing 2x nand dumps plus flashing it, upon restart instructions said to start sys with eject button. Didnt...
  6. C

    RGH What are the requirements for a RGH...?

    Someone save me a bit of time and research and answer a few questions for me please? 1. What dashboard does my slim need to have be? 2. How much will the tools cost & what tools do I need 4. Where can I buy the tools, CK3 don't seem to sell them any more (its been a while since I last JTAG'ed...
  7. C


    Hi I'm a noob at all this, I need help with what I need to mod it. I have a Corona 4GB V2 with the phison chip. I need to know what glitch chip to use:confused:. I'm planning on using a JR Programmer v1.1 from any help will be greatly appreciated, I feel like I'm alone here.:frown:
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    Demon Install_Noob Damaged Motherboard @ D2_Taking Suggestions

    Hi all, Love this forum by the way. I have an Xbox 360E 250GB (Corona V5), and I'm trying to install TX Demon Slim using the QSB. Nothing else has been installed or removed from the motherboard other than the TX Demon Slim. Unfortunately D2 was damaged in the process and now I'm taking...
  9. K

    RGH Need Help With THe RGH 2 on the latest dash ! !!! HElp

    I keep soldering my nand-x to my mother board and connecting it to j- Runner But J- runner doesnt read it ?????????????? i need hep do i need to program or update my nand x or something ??? please help me :facepalm: :confused::confused:
  10. T

    LITEON 74850 Update the firm with x360usb pro + probe 3 + ck3i

    Hi. first of all, excuse my poor English, but I'm from Argentina. I have a: xbox fat , liteon 74850c of april 2009 Also I have the following tools: x360usb pro + ck3i + probe 3 Please who can help me? I want to change the firmware on my console
  11. M

    FIXED Broken motion power switch, need to power up

    My xbox 360 got a bit smashed and broke the front face plate with the power motion switch. Was able to still turn my xbox on with controller, but my dumb self synced my controller to my buddies xbox to play. So now im in need of a solution to turn my console back on. Im not sure if theres an...
  12. S

    Cannot read NAND after writing Xellous

    XBOX 360 PHAT - FALCON My xbox not turn on after writing xellous to get the cpu key. I really need help to solve this, i tried everything and i can not even read the nand again, because the nandpro "cannot detect flash controller". At this point i do not have backups and i think the nand has...
  13. supersymm3try

    Can you help me?

    Hey Guys So I re-read the forum rules this morning to check if what im about to post is against the rules, I couldnt find anything to say it was so I hope im not getting myself banned by doing this. If possible could 10 (or more!) people click this link for me...
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    ANSWERED only reads games as dvd

    so i have: Laptop, x360usb pro, cks, external molex, jungle flasher 1.92. dashboard 14k ( dont know the whole number but its the new version) i flashed the benq vad 6038 with LT 3.0, Lt 2.0, 1.91. each time going from stock to LT. when im back to stock 360 plays games. after i flash it, 360...
  15. A

    I seriously need Help!

    Hey people. ** I tried the tutorials but couldn't understand them** Basically a year ago my cousin flashed my Xbox 360 elite (don't know why) and we never updated firmware since October 2010 and haven't connected to XBL ever since. I was gone for nearly a year (studies), and when I came back...
  16. C

    Blaster 360 ck3 working with the Lt switch

    Hello, I recently bought an lt switch 1.6. I also have a blaster ck3 i bought a month before. I would like some advice on what to do to make these two work together. Can some one give me specific instructions such as which buttons to press and timing. I saw a previous post made by teajunkie...
  17. Y

    Whats -MY- modchip? (again)

    hello, PLEASE TELL ME IF I NEED TO SUPPLY MORE INFO i also need to know wat modchip i have. i bought my xbox used and it came with a chip also. the onlt this i know is that there are 4 switches on the front of my box which can turn modchip on, swich to bank 1 or 2 and flash protect...