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  1. A

    New Switch, which steps I should do?

    So I just buyed a Nintendo Switch, the version is alright to use the sxos. So what the steps I should do? I know that first of all I should make a backup of the Nand. After that, can I use the ChoidujourNX to choose which version (6.2 is off limits, right?)? What is the best version to update...
  2. thelegend27

    J runner crashing on start up

    hello everyone, im currently trying to rgh a 360 with a cool runner rev D. so my problem is when i try to run jrunner it runs for about a second before crashing. i have wired up the nand x to the board and have installed the nand x drivers. i have tryied running j runner in compatibility mode...
  3. K

    GENERAL How would I JTAG/RGH my Xbox?

    I'm a complete noob, but I was wondering where I could get the parts to JTAG or RGH my Xbox360 console and possibly a tutorial. I don't know the differences between the two, so please tell me what's best. I only know I have a JASPER console with a Dashboard version of: 2.0.16537.0 Thank you!
  4. D


    I have two motherboards both trinity and fully working. I have one 4gb built in the one i want rghed and then the second with no built in memory. I got a broken qsb in mail so i emailed them today asking for a new one if not i will buy one any way i tried going straight to the board with the jrp...
  5. P

    TRINITY help me please

    i am installing the cr4 to my xbox 360 slim trinity board and i am stuck and confused i have soldered the 7 wires on the bored and placed the cr4 on the board and then soldered the RED and BLACK wires on to the cr4 but now im puzzled and i dont know what do do from there
  6. V

    RGH Idk what to do

    So I was RGH my xbox and reading mine and everything like that and the console boot normally the first three times and nothing was accomplished secondly the next few times it will not boot at all but the return on but no screen response also I couldn't figure out where I should put the orange...
  7. D

    Jr-Programmer v2

    Jr-Programmer v2 not working Hi i just received my Jr-Programmer v2 today and i plugged it in after i soldered my nand wires and nothing pops up on my computer. I was going to install the drivers on it but it doesnt show up in device manager at all no noise is made when i plug it in. Nothing...
  8. W

    J-runner help

    Jrunner does not detect a console all it says is "boot attached" the log is as fallowed =================================================== Sunday, May 24, 2015 5:20:35 AM J-Runner v0.2 Beta (283) Started Version v0.3 Beta (7) is available for download. Checking Files Downloaded...
  9. P

    FALCON CR4 XL RGH2 help! Pure Newbian.

    Hey everyone, this is my second unsuccessful attempt at RGH. I cant get past the part after wiring up my CR4 XL and pressing eject to boot Xell, I only get RROD. Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16mb Dashboard version: 16767 CR4 XL - Ignore the tobacco just above the...
  10. M

    Key Vault Bans on Dual Nand Help

    Recently I just got my Dual Nand online using the XBLSE but didn't change my KV at all its the same for both retail side and RGH side.:facepalm: After realizing I could be banned permanently on retail I deleted the XBLStealth.xex plugin and am planning on buying a seperate KV to play on with...
  11. T

    GENERAL How to update to dash 16747

    I saw on one of the most recent post on the CR4XL support pages that you can glitch the lastest dash but you should switch to 16747 dash because that is what xebuild is supported.However on Jtag tutorials episode 24 in the description xXModdedWarfareXx put a link to one that supports 16767.Can...
  12. R

    RGH Need Parts! (Demon and Slim Proto)

    Just took apart my Xbox 360 Corona V3 and I need parts to RGH and install Demon. If you have a Slim Proto V2 or Demon please PM me or reply straight onto the thread I am willing to pay up to 100$ just need the parts ASAP!
  13. R

    Corona V3 Help!

    Where do I get Demon Slim compatible with Corona V3? Any Website where I can purchase these parts? Anyone have a link for a step to step guide for the soldering for corona v3 once you have all the parts?
  14. J


    My Xbox 360 Slim has been dead for some time now. Probably about 3 months. I was trying to install the Xecuter Sonus 360 for the trinity motherboard and I kept tampering with that on point and then my Xbox just stopped turning on completely. Is there any way to repair that point so I can bring...
  15. A


    My ck3 mini doesn't turn on unless it's connected to the drive is that supposed to happen or nah? :tongue:
  16. A

    Can I use MAXIMUS LIZARD with CK3 PROBE 3

    Is it possible that I can use my MAXIMUS LIZARD and the CK3 PROBE 3 to flash my XBOX 360 ?
  17. V

    RGH Hey I need help on modding my xbox!

    Hey i am wanting to mod my xbox but there is full of tut that are different and i want mine to work. my motherboard is a falcon. I want to do a rgh 2.0 with the cool runner rev c and i want a dual nand like the demon is it possible? Cause i want to have a rgh side then the other side to play...
  18. M

    Hello from Ireland!

    What's up guys, Decided to join the forum cause I've been looking into Jtagging/RGHing my Xbox and I still can't make any sense of it from any tutorials1 :facepalm: So if you guys could give me a hand and tell me where to post that would be great!! I'm into modding and messsing around with any...