1. M

    HITACHI 79 I flashed my drive and have iHAS124-14 FU drive but cant write games?

    Back in the days i used to write my games with iHAS 124 type B writer which had custom firmware ... Can i even write games with iHAS124-14 FU drive ?
  2. A

    Dvd Key Hitachi 0500

    Hello, I hope I don't sound too dumb with this but I was hoping there'd be a way to extract the dvd key from a Trinity Xbox Slim 4GB with a Hitachi 0500 DVD Drive without RGH-ing it ? I found posts of people suggesting it would work but I haven't managed to find a way yet. Thanks!
  3. M

    Determining DVD Drive Type Help

    So I am flashing a KV that I purchased onto my NAND when I open up 360 Flash Tool I put the KV in and click the patch button so I can get my DVD Drive to work properly so my RGH can still read discs. When I try to patch it asks me for my OSIG and has a drop down lists of different drives like...
  4. ultimate360

    ANSWERED Spoofed Hitachi 47 won't unlock in JF

    So I dug out my box of drives and started testing them all because I'm to sell a bunch of them. Anyways, I came across a Hitachi 47 that's been spoofed as a 16d2s (no idea why...) that I can get windows to notice, but it comes up as the lite on and JF says it doesn't see any hitachi's (which...
  5. H

    RGH xbox 360 rgh

  6. G

    GENERAL follow up to my previous question about drive swaps...

    as somebody kindly helped me by saying that using a slim liteon insted of a slim hitachi would be no easier to flash as it would require rgh, i have this question... would it be possible to buy a phat xbox drive and put it into my slim (i guess it would be bigger but i could just keep the xbox...
  7. G

    Can I swap drives?? Please help!!

    Hello, I am new to all of this and I would like to flash mod my xbox. I would rgh or jtag but I don't went to spend alot of money so... Is it possible to swap my current disc drive (hitachi dl10n) with a liteon drive because I understand that they are easier to mod?? I know I will have to get a...
  8. F

    JUNGLE FLASHER jungleflasher wont flash hitachi drive

    so when ever i go into jungle flasher and hit the hitachi tab it will have an error "an unhandled exceptions has occurred in your application" and if i just pres continue then it wont work. there is also a details buttons and this is what comes up See the end of this message for details on...
  9. C

    GENERAL Help... replacing a dead LiteOn with a Hitachi 78

    Hey guys, This is a phat xbox. I have the key from the LiteOn, but that drive is dead now. I have a Hitachi 78 drive that Id like to replace it with. Ive been doing a lot of researching and before I go on with the swap Id like to make sure I got it right.. The xbox is going to never be...
  10. Zeigren

    GENERAL No idea what the original drive was

    I have an armful of 360's that I have RGH'd to get their DVD keys but I have no idea what most of the 360's original drives were. Is there anyway to figure this out without just trying every possible drive? One of them I know had a Hitachi 59 that was spoofed as a 79 with the wrong key, but...
  11. B

    CIV and Samsung/Hitachi

    Hi, I was in a discussion about Sammy and CIV. My question is does Samsung and Hitachi 32-59 perform CIV checks? I know for sure they don't perform ap2.5 checks. What exactly is the CIV check, by this I mean how is it performed, what are the mechanics behind it. What I know so far is that...
  12. S

    HITACHI NON-79 DRIVERS FOR X360USB (NON PRO) first edition

    DRIVERS FOR X360USB (NON PRO) first edition - please help Hello, i have still running one of the first phat xbox 360 with the Hitachi drive with fw 047 (HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR3120L0047) and I have already flashed it before (in 2009) Now I want to flash it to LT+ 2.0 but I can't find my driver...
  13. K

    First time poster

    How's it going everyone, this is my first time ever posting on a forum (yes, ive never posted on any forums before) and just trying to get the hang of it. well a little about myself then. i just recently flashed my very first Xbox 360 Hitachi drive with Team Xecuter's X360USB Pro and CK3i. at...
  14. P

    XGD3 HITACHI drive with LT2.0 = no xgd3 at all?

    hi, i have a Hitachi GDR-3120L fw47 Drive with LT2.0 since there’s no 3.0 for it. i’ve tried many ways to burn maxpayne3 / MW3 / forza4 (changing settings on abgx for XGD3 games on LT2.0; new XBC that supports this drive; PPF-O-Matic 4.4.2; … ) and truncate on imgburn since it asks for games...
  15. F

    HITACHI 79 Flashing Problem

    Hey all, I flashed my hitachi 79 drive with the "LTPlus-79-4e10-2.0b.bin" file. Everything goes well and it flashes fine, but when I put it back to the system and power it up, it reads all original games as DVDs. Also, that is true for 360 games and xbox games. I am getting HIGHLY...
  16. R

    SAMSUNG MS28 A few problems (Spoofing assistance needed)

    First, I have researched this problem and everything I found confused the heck out of me. So if their are any forums you would recommend using than please tell me. Now, here is my situation. I have a broken XBOX that won't read discs. It came with a Samsung drive (MS28 apparently, that's what...
  17. N

    ANSWERED XGD3 information

    I am well versed in old method of ripping and burning xgd2 disks. I had a Hitachi drive in 360 (flashed with jungleflasher) and a Ixtreme ripper for ripping the discs. My xbox 360 has an executor card between drive and external sata to flash firmware on dvd drive. Now I'm confused with xgd3. I...
  18. K

    Can I Spoof a 0079 as a 0078 without getting banned

    Hi guys i looked all over and cant find an answer I would like to know more about whats safe to spoof now that ms is checking for spoofing Im under the impression that i can load any liteon with any firmware and it wont get detected because the hardware is all the same for example put 84850c...
  19. D

    Replacing liteon with hitachi?

    My old system had a hitachi drive and had red ringed and been fixed a couple times and is finally completely dead. So I went out and got a used system, which has a liteon drive. I was looking at the Xdrives and was curious if I could use my old flashed hitachi drive in the system that came with...
  20. B

    HITACHI NON-79 Console banned from Live today, possible warning for Hitachi Xboxes

    Console banned from Live today, possible warning for Hitachi Xboxes or 1.1 firmware I logged into Live today and a message came up telling me that my console has been banned. I'm careful to follow any firmware developments and always thoroughly scan my burned games using abgx360, but I seem to...