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    Homebrew SD card issues

    Hey. I am unable to load the homebrew nro on my switch. All folders are correct and nro's placed in the switch folder. Please see file hierarchy link below. https://imgur.com/L0XpcTY Any suggestions? Sorry if this is in the wrong thread
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    Homebrew apps missing on SX OS menu but show on hbmenu

    Love the new homebrew menu integration in the new SX OS 1.4 but not all my apps show up... they are there and launch fine from the hbmenu but not on the new integrated one... pfba is an example of an app that shows in both places while i have waincartdumpernx and switchident-console that only...
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    Is Demon the best chip out right now?

    Hello I have a 2009 Xbox Elite (Jasper) model which has been firmware flashed so that I can play backed up games. I have been going through the forums (and google) to see what my best options are. Please believe me when I tell you, I have been searching like a mad man on how to mod my 360 so I...
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    Need Jtag and Homebrew for Xbox 360 (St. Louis, Mo)

    Looking for jtag service and homebrew on my Xbox 360. Don't have particular specs on-hand, but I can likely find them once I have my machine in front of me. Includes 60Gb hard drive.
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    is using homebrew content safe?

    I got a JTAG'ed xbox, and want to start getting all the extra's such as emulators, media players, etc. Can I just download whatever I want from the web, stick it into my xbox (follow the instructions of course), and either it will work or fail, but won't hurt the rest of the system? Or can a...
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    Where's The Homebrew?

    Hey kind of a noob question but I can't find any intersting homebrew all i've found is xbox original homebrew. Can someone point me in the right direction much appreciated. Also, if anyone knows who to install or a guide to install xbmc on the rgh dash 14669 i would greatly appreciate the...
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    RGH RGH & Happily Ever After...

    RGH & Happily Ever After - A Homebrew Guide Most of you guys who are new to the whole RGH scene will be wondering, "OK I went through all this for what, now what can I do more on the console than before"? Well I'm here to tell you guys... the possibilities are just limitless... To kick off...
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    ANSWERED How to install Homebrew

    I have a hacked xbox 360 elite with 2.0.8955.0 dashboard, i can play backup games, i tried xexloader and xexmenu to install homebrew but with no luck, what i need to install homebrew? Note: My xbox was hacked by using usb flash, i dont know if this info will help.
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    ANSWERED Noob... No clue where to start.!!

    Hi there Im totally new to the xbox scene. Just bought one last month and have been enjoying fooling around with it. I own a wii and am fairly familiar with all the homebrew and hacking usb loaders, etc... But the xbox is quite different. I'm Hacking my xbox this week. I ordered a via sata...
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    Game related art thread

    Hi guys just thought I'd be the first to start a thread of pictures related to gaming. Here's the first one: I've decided to use this image because these past few days I couldn't get my mind off of JTAGing / nand flashing my xbox 360 using Team Xecuter's Nand-X so it's been kind of like this...