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    N00b ?'s plz answer

    how do u check the xbox 360's dashboard number. also i know that the slim proto 2 is compatible with all motherboards but is it compatible with all dashboards?. also tell the soldering points on the mobo to install the slim proto 2.
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    ANSWERED Need help setting up ihas burner

    Ok so i bought a flashed 4 gig slim xbox 360 on craigslist and after it being alot more complicated than i thot i was able to burn xbg2 games. When i realized i needed the new i has burner and saw there were only 6 left for sale on i bought one a little to hastely before knowing...
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    Questions on installing XGD3 on Hard Drive

    What are the benefits of installing an XGD3 back up on the XBOX Hard Drive? And if the upcoming “Dash” Update makes us re-burn our XGD3 backups, will I have to... [1] delete the XGD3 backup currently installed on the Hard Drive, [2] Re-Rip the XGD3 backup [probably with updated dae.bin]...