1. I

    JTAG xbox360 falcon jtag...how do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher?

    Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner v5 dose not support to write mtx spi nand flasher. Only read and creat...so I creat xell reloaded with J-Runner but I don't know how to write with nandpro? I tried that; nandpro usb: -w16...
  2. N

    RGH J-Runner v0.3 Beta (8) Create ECC suspicious

    Is it alright that when I create the ECC only one line pops out that says 'ECC created'? It doesn't look right to me, because previous versions had multiple lines of code. I am troubleshooting why my xbox is not glitching and it would be a huge help if someone would reply to me. Just a 'yes it...
  3. U

    J-R programmer won't connect with J-Runner

    I've tried every thing I know but J-Runner says connection error.
  4. D

    Kind Lost with J-Runner

    yo, I've been away from de scene for a long time and last week my sis asked me too do an RGH on my cousin x360, so I got my stuff and started to do it. first I did an download of J-runner last version and the first thig was that the archives check wasnt working anymore and when i looked for, I...
  5. A

    RGH Console does not power after writing ECC - RGH CoolRunner Rev A with QSB CR Upgrade

    Hello Guys, I am working on am xbox 360 Slim - Corona of a friend of mine. I have installed [CoolRunner Rev:A] with the [QSB CR Upgrade For Corona]. When working with J-Runner on the initial run, I did the following: 1. clicked [?] next to motherboard and it detected the corona. 2. Did two...
  6. H

    GENERAL SD Reader for 4GB R/W Kit

    Can anyone post a few sd card readers that are known to always work. I have bought 2 different card readers from amazon, as well as the built in one on 2 laptops trying to read the Nand in J-Runner. I have a Corona V2 motherboard, the Nand R/W kit soldered in place, as well as the CR4XL...
  7. J

    Problem writing ECC on nand

    So I read my nand of my xbox 360e Corona V6 I was able to read the nand just fine and all the nands matched. When I try to write my ECC the motherboard type changes to a trinity and the xbox does not boot. So I would rewrite the nand and try again, nothing. Im using a JRP V2 and a CR4 XL...
  8. E

    Fail booting when using a HDD after update!

    Hello everyone, I use j-runner as normal but today I updated 2 consoles to 17489 dashboard and after updating both consoles I cant get them to run with the hard drive plugged in. If I remove my hard drive on both consoles they all boot as normal, I checked and removed the systemupdate folder on...
  9. V

    FIXED J-Runner cannot connect to my J-R Programmer/Trinity

    First time here and I'm not sure if this was even the right place to post this... I am an extreme novice when it comes to RGHing 360's and I am just looking for some guidance and help. I did some research on what products I should get to mod my 4Gb slim Trinity with a 17150 dash (which I came...
  10. P

    J-Runner/JR-Programmer Help?

    I am very close to finishing my first xbox mod. This is a really green question but how exactly do I open J-Runner? I downloaded the Microsoft Net Framework file that people said it requires, what am I doing wrong? Also do I need to use that wire that comes with the JR-Programmer to connect...
  11. D

    Flashing stock NAND gives 0022

    TX Product(s) used: DemoN, Proto v2 Console Type:Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 16756 (retail), 16747 (glitch) CB version: 9188 Description of problem: below Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the RGH chip every 4-5 seconds: Y So...
  12. P

    JTAG Can I Use J-Ruuner in usual way for old dash zenon and Jasper for Jtag ?

    Hi everybody. I obtained two old dash vesrion xbox, Zenon and Jasper by chance. (A)Zenon Dash:6683, MFR Date: 2005.10.6 I cheked the First xbox with J-R programmer V2. I get Nand dump using J-Runner. and found this xbox is Zenon and CB version is 1888. This means that this old xbox is a...
  13. P

    ANSWERED Can I use a Xebuild image warned by J-Runner ?

    This is a R-JTAG question. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer V2, R-Jtag v1.1 DEVELOPMENT KIT Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version:16537 CB version: 5774 J-Runner log: at the bottom of this post...
  14. zphingphong

    RGH Failed to read NAND on Corona V2

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  15. M

    TEST Tutorial - How To Get Rid Of Bootloader Mod On J-R Programmer

    Hey Guys This Is A tut on how to get out of bootloader mode On The J-R Programmer V1 And V2. Do You Have This Red Light every time you use the programmer. wont Go after UN-installing the drivers? Well You Can To The Right Place. 1. Connect You J-R Programmer Up To Your PC/Laptop 2. Make Sure...
  16. U

    R-JTAG Jasper hack bigblock aud clamp.bin not found! Help!

    I finally got around to R-Jtagging my phat Jasper 512 mb Xbox 360. I get all the way to create Xell Reloaded, and it gives me this error: jasper_hack_bigblock_aud_clamp.bin not found! I have tried looking everywhere, but I couldn't find a solution. I tried googling the bin file itself, but it...
  17. zphingphong

    RGH Failed to read NAND on Corona V6

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, CORONA POSTFIX ADAPTER V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V6 (360e) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: =================================================== May 3...
  18. M

    Xecuter NAND-X To CoolRunner JTAG Cable

    Hey I want to know if Xecuter NAND-X To CoolRunner JTAG Cable Will Fit The J-R USB Programmer v2 as I Cant Find The NAnd-x Programmer Now ONline
  19. T

    J-Runner Header is wrong..

    TX Product(s) used: Nand-x, Coolrunner Rev C (not connected Yet) Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16mb Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.8955.0 CB version: Don't Know yet Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Flash Config: 0xFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF Falcon Manually Selected Reading Nand to...
  20. B

    J-Runner add Dash Problem

    when i try to add an new dash i get a bunch of errors: The remote server returned an error: (404) not found. (Der Remoteserver hat einen Fehler zurückgegeben: (404) Nicht gefunden.) i wanted to add dash 16203 but its the same with every dash. can u please help me with this? :confused: win 7 64bit