jasper bb 512

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    GENERAL Do we have any dates for BB jasper conversion?

    Hi thought I would post been checking for a while now to see if the BB jasper upgrade is available so I can get my RGH xbox sorted with my doner nand I wanna go online again and I have seen posts saying the bb jasper conversion for demon is coming soon ?? Please could someone help and tell me...
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    RGH Jasper 512 Missing Bootloaders, Tried Donor

    Hey guys, I have a Jasper BB here that a friend has given to me in hopes of being able to figure out where he went wrong. The NAND read only shows CB 6750 and CD 8453. All the other bootloaders are missing. Unable to open the nand read in 360 flash tool and XNAND healer shows the zeropair so...
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    Jasper BB 512 Won't Glitch

    Hello everyone! First off I have done a few Slim RGH's and this is my first PHAT Console RGH. This Xbox was on Dashboard 13604 with a 6750cb Basically when I was dumping the full NAND on this 512 BB Jasper it gave me 7 " Error 250" on blocks that were higher up like in the x6500 area and no...