jr programmer v2

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    jr programmer v2 driver issue

    im a noob to the whole rgh/jtag thing but i got my jr programmer v2 the other day i plugged it into my pc went to install the drivers and it said "windows has determined the drivers are up to date" so i clicked driver details its using 3 windows stock drivers (hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys, and...
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    help cr4 install confused..jasper

    hi have a full guide for rgh 2.0 with cr rev c but they all sold out so i have to use cr4 im confused about the part where you connect the cables from the jr programmer to the cr4... is the setup different form cr rev c i have a jasper and need a cr4 jasper install guide for rgh 2.0 thanks in...
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    FIXED JR Programmer V2 not recognized

    Hello again, My JR programmer V2 is not recognized by windows 8.1. This issue seems to be different from the other threads on here. Background: When I got this last week windows 8.1 was able to find it and I installed the drivers successfully. After I used it to write Xell to my falcon and...
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    Where can i buy a jr programmer v2 in canada?

    Hey i need to buy a jr v2 that ships to canada where can i find one there out of stock thanks
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    RGH Question about JR Programmer V2 and QSB soldering

    about JR Programmer V2. (1)Is xbox360 power supply necessary while JR Programmer V2 NAND reading. (2)What is the function of JP3 switch on JR Programmer V2 board, and which position should be set while NAND reading. (3)What is the function of JP-BL switch (near the JP-RST switch) on JR...
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    RGH Did I broke my xbox ? -- Soldering for J-R Programmer failed --

    [Fixed] Did I broke my xbox ? -- Soldering for J-R Programmer failed -- Hi everybody. I have a Corona V1 xbox360, and this is a first time RGH execution. To read NAND by using JR Programmer V2( Abbreviated as JRP below ),I soldered using Corona QSB Install Kit V3. After soldering ( in fact...
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    [WANTED] UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2

    UK| Anyone selling a Nand-X Or JR Programmer V2 (NO Longer Needed!) Hello is anyone selling a nand x that accepts paypal ? I Kinda need it asap!
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    Jr Programmer V2 driver install

    I am having trouble installing drivers on the jr programmer v2. my device manager detects in as a "usb input device". What would be the solution to this?