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    Cant get Windows 7, nor 10, to recognize my JR Programmer 2 as anything but unknown.

    Hi guys, I've been lurking for weeks trying to get this to work, I have a fresh install of windows 7 on my laptop (Live Windows 7 USB and WIndows 10 didn't want to play ball), and whenever I plug in my JRPv2, Jrunner wont detect it, and Device Manager call it an unknown device. I've tried to...
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    RGH Jr Programmer v2 no light. Faulty?

    Hello everyone I'm currently facing some issues with my J R programmer v2 prior to the situation it was working perfectly fine and it was the same one I used to rgh my Trinity this time around I was going for the Corona, the issue I seem to be facing is it does not want to work whatsoever, I...
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    RGH - Xbox no power. Possibly burned a trace.

    Hello. I recently tried to RGH my Conorona v1 Xbox. This was my first try and I didn't care much about braking it. I know my soldering is quite bad and it's like the third time I tried to resolder everything. I successfully flashed the xbox, removed JR Programmer, soldered Coolrunner Rev-C and...
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    RGH Corona v1 - getting lost in tutorials

    Ok. So I've read quite a few tutorials about how to RGH corona and by now I have understood that I have bought possibly the worst option from whats available nowadays I bought Coolrunner rev C and I have JR programmer v2. I don't need the post fix thing so thats off the list. Quite a few people...
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    TRINITY Cannot read nand with JR Programmer V2

    I have a CR4 XL that I got bundled with a JR Programmer V2, And I cannot read the nand, I get different errors based on where I have all the wires positioned, I have tried multiple different solder locations, including the bottom of the board, yet cannot read the nand at all. I have a trinity...
  6. K

    RGH Coolrunner install, xbox now does nothing when powered on.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, so if I am doing something wrong/posting in the wrong forum please let me know or delete my post. I have purchased a Coolrunner and JR Programmer to attempt to RGH 1.2 my jasper. I was successfully able to dump the nand and read/write to it. I...
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    i have tried everything from bcdedit testsigning off on cmd and turnnig bootloader or w.e it ids and still nada its not showing up on my device manager and it dosent let me manually install drivers it says hash key/file is not present etc can anyone help i will pay if u get it fixed for me ive...
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    GENERAL had to rewire STBY_CLK point (R3B15 resistor on Slim)

    messed up my STBY_CLK point so had to rewire used this method: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?88489-TuT-Alternate-STBY_CLK-Install-STBY_CLK-Fix-for-Slim-and-Phats-(Noob-Friendly) this worked and the xbox now powers on and runs stock nand and have installed cr4. The issue is the...
  9. Slivicon

    RGH New 360E Corona v6 CR3 PRO Help Needed

    I am a noob, but I will do my best to fill out the template. I have contacted a local pro to hire to take over, but he may be too busy atm, so in the meantime I have exhausted myself trying to search everywhere for the rest of the info I apparently need: TX Product(s) used: CR3 Pro fake post...
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    I have a corona and I believe it is a v3 I soldered the nand x wires correctly and neatly,I bridged R2C7 and R2C6. The R2C10 already has a resistor so I left that alone. I did have the bridged by solder and kept getting error codes in jrunner...version 1 unable to continue. So I placed a piece...
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    Does the coolrunner have to be soldered in to write ecc?

    I'm using JR programmer and the NAND reads fine, writes really slowly (about 20 mins) but writing ECC is full of errors. Soldering has been checked. I'm using jrunner beta 0.2 (283) on windows 7. This is what I get:
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    JR programmer CR connection cable

    HI Guys, I got my Jr programmer yesterday and have a quick question. In the package there is 2 cables, one for spi and for Cr programing. The one for CR got different plug ( smaller) on JR end. Is that normal and how can use JR progrmammer to flash CR? I dont have nandX. Also are...