1. P

    Cant get Windows 7, nor 10, to recognize my JR Programmer 2 as anything but unknown.

    Hi guys, I've been lurking for weeks trying to get this to work, I have a fresh install of windows 7 on my laptop (Live Windows 7 USB and WIndows 10 didn't want to play ball), and whenever I plug in my JRPv2, Jrunner wont detect it, and Device Manager call it an unknown device. I've tried to...
  2. S

    RGH Jr Programmer v2 no light. Faulty?

    Hello everyone I'm currently facing some issues with my J R programmer v2 prior to the situation it was working perfectly fine and it was the same one I used to rgh my Trinity this time around I was going for the Corona, the issue I seem to be facing is it does not want to work whatsoever, I...
  3. S

    RGH JR Programmer V2 is not recognized when Xbox is turned on [FALCON]

    Hello, I am doing the following tutorial step by step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qqj4KBLXLc I am trying to RGH a Falcon with similar dash version 17502. I am using the Jrunner V2 programmer where the pinout should be the same. I have checked the pinout like 5 times now, with...
  4. andoryuu3

    RGH "Patch NAND" with different keyvault... What about DVD key?

    Hi all, I noticed in the patch notes for the latest Dashlaunch that some Xbox 360's *can* reach out to XBL servers with LiveBlock enabled. It was recommended that I should use a different keyvault if I don't intend it to be banned from XBL. Cool, no problems with that. My old Trinity console...
  5. M

    J runner Connection error and crashes

    Hi, I was planning on using my jr programmer to rgh a jasper 360, I went to download j runner again and it Loaded, And then quickly said connection error and then crashed. I tried 3 different laptops, Aswell as a usb internet dongle, but nothing works. Tried a couple different downloads and...
  6. Nixir

    Help with my Corona V2 nand dumping

    I am having a problem, I have soldered the corona 4gb qsb to the motherboard and I have it all connected but when I go into jrunner and refreash the devices I do not get the sd card I have tried to use different computers, VMs, different sd card readers and different micro sd to sd adapters and...
  7. S

    RGH J-R Programmer/JRunner Problem

    So here's my problem. I recently got a J-R Programmer V1. So today when going to fix my nand flash; I plugged it and I had a red solid light. I think I'm in bootloader mode also because the toggle is away from the TX Logo. In J-Runner after selecting the new hex to re flash it. It says device...
  8. C

    J Runner Isnt Wanting To Update Drivers?!

    Im new to this so im probably in the wrong forum but my jrunner program doesnt want to update its drivers. Help? My LED light is of course green And when i go to update the drivers it says something like this- "The hash for this file is not present in the specified catalog file. the file is...
  9. Skilledfire

    J-Runner help!

    Hi, i am planning on RGHing my xbox but the second i start jrunner it just says "J-Runner has stopped working" i've tried everything but it never works, please help I have a Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop This is the log/error log: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid. at...
  10. W

    J-runner help

    Jrunner does not detect a console all it says is "boot attached" the log is as fallowed =================================================== Sunday, May 24, 2015 5:20:35 AM J-Runner v0.2 Beta (283) Started Version v0.3 Beta (7) is available for download. Checking Files Downloaded...
  11. J

    RGH RGH 2.0 - Cant get Xell to start up. Everything goes though and the console starts

    Hey guys i need some help. Ive got a falcon board and with coolrunner 3 and jr programmer. Ive followed step by step for jrunner with the pdf. Everything has worked so far but when i go to start it up and get the cpu key i cant get xell to start. the xbox just keeps blinking (because no dvd...
  12. P

    J-Runner/JR-Programmer Help?

    I am very close to finishing my first xbox mod. This is a really green question but how exactly do I open J-Runner? I downloaded the Microsoft Net Framework file that people said it requires, what am I doing wrong? Also do I need to use that wire that comes with the JR-Programmer to connect...
  13. W

    JUNGLE FLASHER Help creating retail NAND LDV

    Do I need to rise my LDV by one if I want to create a retail NAND? For example, if the LDV is 7, putting 8. Or am I just getting confused?
  14. W

    LDV from NAND J-Runner

    How can I get my Xbox's LDV value from NAND in J-Runner? Thanks in advance, An Xbox modding newbie
  15. J


    Hi I'm trying to read/dump nand on my falcon xbox 360 with a jr programmer. Ive got all the wires hooked up like they would be if it were a nandx reader! non of the points are touching each other and all of the wires have a solid contact with the EXACT spots they go. If they aren't supposed to...
  16. jdoe91011

    FIXED Demon Won't Read Nand After Install in my Slim Trinity

    Hi guys, so I installed a Demon into my Trinity Slim last night, and I can't get it to read my NAND, no matter what I do. I have gone over and redone all the solders a couple times, and it still will not give me a NAND read. When the console is plugged in, but not turned on, with the ribbon...
  17. jdoe91011

    JRunner is not recognizing my console & I can't get a NAND read, but it used to work

    JRunner is not recognizing my console & I can't get a NAND read, but it used to work So I currently have a working RJTAG Jasper that I installed and set up myself. For a new project, I decided to install a Demon and a Slim Proto V2 into my Corona Slim. However, I have only gotten as far as...
  18. jdoe91011

    JRunner Not Downloading Dashboards or Allowing Me to Create a Xebuild Image

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create a Xebuild Image in JRunner, but I am unable to because there are no dashboards available to me in the drop down menu under "Xebuild". If I click "add dash" in that drop down menu, and manually pick the latest dashboard, once it downloads it, it deselects "RJTAG"...
  19. M

    RGH Latest RGH Method

    First hello and thanks a lot for this great Forum and great Team. I've been about a week around here and read all sort of stuff to find my out and that is to RGH the lastest xbox 360e 250G (so I think it is called corona v5). I have not purchased anything yet and only got the xbox 360e...
  20. G

    JTAG J runner noob help.

    i have a falcon xbox and would like to jtag or jrunner it. now i for some reason cant find a good tutorial that shows exactly what i need, like hardware mostly, software i get. i believe i need a chip but idk the best kind and where to get it. any ideas?