1. D

    Looking for jtag #5 or #8 alt qsbs

    Hello, I am looking for some original TX jtag qsbs. I am located in the united states and have paypal.
  2. I

    JTAG xbox360 falcon jtag...how do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher?

    Hi,I wanto to make a jtag console. How do I write xell-reloaded with mtx spi nand flasher? J-Runner v5 dose not support to write mtx spi nand flasher. Only read and creat...so I creat xell reloaded with J-Runner but I don't know how to write with nandpro? I tried that; nandpro usb: -w16...
  3. R

    JTAG I have a non jtagable Zephyr Xbox 360 on dashboard 8955

    I have a non jtagable Zephyr Xbox 360 on dashboard 8955. I'm asking what i should do with it, should I update it? Should I keep it on it's firmware? I'm kinda a noob when it comes to 360 hardmods please help me!!! It would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  4. D

    TX R-Jtag V1.1 chip lifted D pad

    I have an R-Jtag V1.1 Chip but sadly lifted the D pad on the chip, does anyone have a picture of the alt points or something? thanks
  5. D

    JTAG Beginner Jtag help?

    My friend recently gave me his Xbox 360 and I realized it was a falcon and that got me thinking about Jtagging or getting a RGB on the old thing. I just need some help with JTagging Here is some info, It has a external drive but no clue which kind or how much, Its used and HAS BEEN OPENED up...
  6. L

    JTAG How do I JTAG my Xbox 360 while keeping it on the blades dashboard (6717)?

    I'm going to purchase an Xbox 360 that is on dashboard 6717 for Nostalgia purposes, but then I remembered that they are JTAG able, so I want to JTAG it as well. However I want the 360 to stay on the blades dashboard after I JTAG it. I don't want the 360 to run the blades dashboard as an app via...
  7. A

    RGH Service needed in Essex, [UK]

    Gentlemen, I have two Xbox 360S that I would like to mod. I previously agreed on installation with Oggie, an experienced modder and TX forum admin. Unfortunately, he stopped offering service, while I was waiting for the hardware to arrive. I have got the following consoles [2010-2011, M/B...
  8. F

    JTAG Jtag update help

    Hello, I just tried to update my jtagged xbox 360 phat xenon. After I boot it up, it gets stuck on this screen, and it wont move. The xbox is still on and I can eject the tray, but nothing else. Anyone have any ideas? This is the image. http://imgur.com/a/Qi770
  9. udkultimate

    Free Game Engine for Xbox360

  10. G

    How to access xbox live on jtag with no risks??

    Hi, I tried few months earlier to acces xbox on my jtagged console for the first time.But my xbox would say 'can't connect to live'. So, i followed a tutorial so i can acces live and i put some plugins on the dashlauch and set livebloc to disable. I did connect to live and a update started only...
  11. O

    JTAG Problem Reverting JTAG Xenon 2.0.89550.0 to Retail

    Hey Guys, I've got a Xenon that was JTAGED ages ago by someone else, it was accidentally updated to 2.0.89550.0 rendering the JTAG mute. I want to revert it back to Stock but i'm having problems when I try. Screen Shot Of 2.0.89550.0; Loaded required files into "J-Runner\xebuild\data"...
  12. A

    -= Hello & Drive Flashing =-

    Hi, I'm new to all this, although I have read articles on the merits of J-Tagging and RGHing the XBox 360. I used to have an XBox 360 that a friend of mine flashed so that it would play backup copies of my games. When Microsoft updated the XBox 360 to play larger data DVDs, (my original...
  13. Alteration

    JTAG Xenon JTAG Suddenly Stopped Working

    Before I start with the issue, I would like to say that this Xbox has excellent air-flow and has already been treated with the RRoD repair kit through-and-through, I highly doubt this is a temperature issue, although I could be totally wrong. So now to the actual issue: I'm doing a repair on...
  14. Alteration

    JTAG Jasper 512MB RRoD After Flashing Xell

    I dumped the NAND with a J-R Programmer V2 3 times and they all matched with no broken blocks. I then flashed Xell to get my CPU key, and upon turning on the Xbox, I got the RRoD (code 0022). What would be my next best step? I'm not touching anything until I get advice. Notes: Soldering is...
  15. R

    R-JTAG New to JTAG stuff

    Hello, I got my Xbox 360 slim JTagged. Now what is the best dash launcher to use. And where do I find the apps to download ? what are the useful apps at all ? And how do I update my system dashboard to the latest, Is it required ?:facepalm:. Im super noob in Jtag and stuff. Your help is much...
  16. ken2028

    ▀▄► CR4 XL Xbox 360 Jasper with out QSB install Diagram install needed

    ▀▄► CR4 XL Xbox 360 Jasper with out QSB install Diagram install needed Hi, I purchased the CR4 XL and the J-R Programmer V2. I have been searching for the CR4 XL install on a Phat system with out QSB.. I do not have the QSB .. I only need the CR4 XL wiring diagram Please.. with JR...
  17. TechManSaver

    Can i downgrade retail to jtag version and jtag it?

    i have a falcon xbox 360,which i have installed the coolrunner rev c in it,and i uninstalled it to install in a better trinity slim.Then i put the console away since i don't have any use for it.THEN i got some money,i purchased the cr4 xl,and i was putting it in the console and the ft6u7 pad...
  18. R

    JTAG Having console problems.

    Hi, I just recently bought an jtag 2 days ago. Everything was going fine until the middle of today. I updated the dash by flashing the nand with Simple 360 Nand Flasher to dash 16747. Everything went smoothly after that and I went on playing games. Then I left my Xbox on when I went to go grab...
  19. Alteration

    From DBag to JTAG, a Must Read for Beginners - A guide on terms, and general info

    From DBag to JTAG, a Must Read for Beginners a guide on terms, and general information for newcomers Motherboards As everyone knows, computers improve as time goes on, we learn more, and we change what we already have. As long as this statement holds true, Microsoft will release new and...
  20. I


    Hello everybody, I hope you all are having a great day. Anyways, I've been reading and learning everything about JTAG/RGH/RGH2. I am well ready to get started and purchase the items to install on my CORONA V3 motherboard. This forum is to clarify if the items I listed are correct for SLIM...