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  1. C


    Hi i just bought a x360 usb pro 2 and hooked it up to my xbox dvd drive hitachi 79 and i installed the drivers but in device manager it comes up as ck3i not x360 usb pro JUNGLE FLASHER wont detect my drive but i clicked on com port 3 and i can open and close my dvd drive but i cant click usb...
  2. S

    FIXED Jungleflasher on windows 10

    Hi all, the last 2 hours i triyed to start jungle flasher in windows 10... i disabled driver signing, enabled test mode and signed as system file with dseo 13b.... nothing worked and windows 10 is blocking portio64.sys every time. Can someone help? Are other solutions here, maybe use win xp in...
  3. S

    Need VIA 6421 Drivers & Onboard VIA Drivers That Work? - 2016

    There is a similar question already on team-xecutor: This thread is closed. But, the references/links are for files on hotfiles.com, which was shut down a couple years ago for piracy or something. Anyone have updated VIA 6421 PCI card drivers? There's one that comes with Windows (at least 7, 8...
  4. F

    GENERAL Help, after flashing, drive is not recognized :(

    Hello right now i have a Spiderx360 1175 LTU PCB, from what i know, and the store, tutorials, guides, etc... this pcb is compatible with dg-16d5s... when i connected the drive it was detected as liteon dg-16d4s, i created a CFW with the key.bin and C/R.bin and then just wrote the firmware...
  5. D

    Liteon DG-16D2S bricked wont show up in JungleFlasher !!!

    hi there every 1 i am having a problem, ok i tred to flash a liteon drive which i have done many times however i think i bricked it so i reconnected it to jungleflasher and it keeps saying no drive detected! i still have my firmware and keys but dnt know what to do cos when i tried to get it...
  6. A

    FIXED Cannot dump - Please HELP

    Drive: Lite-On DG-16D4S (0401) SATA Chipset: VIA 6421 I am unable to dump the firmware/key using JungleFlasher. I am Power Cycling the drive properly using the switch but am unable to dump the firmware.... Please help... Here is my JungleFlasher log: JungleFlasher 0.1.96 Beta (323) Session...
  7. wickedwes

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Can Not Unlock Drive No SPI Status No Drive Props

    Cant Write To Drive either ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JungleFlasher 0.1.96 Beta (323) Session Started Thu Oct 24 12:57:23 2013 This is a Wow 64 process running on 8 x 64 bit CPUs portio64.sys Driver Installed portio64.sys...
  8. D

    ANSWERED help quick firmware update problem in slim xbox 360

    DG-16D4S Liteon - 0225 need to update right now with jungle flasher need some guide and latest firmware i unplug the dvd rom now what i should do
  9. R

    LITEON 0225 jungle flasher mx 32 flash help

    Hey guys, new to the forums here, im having issues in the flashing step. First things first, ive dumped the keys, they match and everything i have all the cable s connected properly. I havent sautered anything on to my drive yet, is it necesarry and if it is ill attempt it. When i get to mk 32...
  10. C

    X360USB PRO USB pro communicates slow windows 8

    Hey guys took a break glad to be back but the just of it is i switched from xp to windows 8 and it works fine but is very slow when communicating with drive compared to xp any ideas ? Also glad to see my favorite mod joey singer still here thanx
  11. F

    JUNGLE FLASHER jungleflasher wont flash hitachi drive

    so when ever i go into jungle flasher and hit the hitachi tab it will have an error "an unhandled exceptions has occurred in your application" and if i just pres continue then it wont work. there is also a details buttons and this is what comes up See the end of this message for details on...
  12. H

    JUNGLE FLASHER benq, win7 auto signiture driver thingy... ubuntu fail

    SORRY! Please don't yell at me for posting in the wrong spot. Or asking the same question some1 elce already asked. I looked at them and.. well.. I'm most def a noob. Ok.. so..X360 USB PRO V2.. DRIVER'S INSTALLED. Both of them. Check! Jungle flasher usb dll driver thing moved. Check. I...
  13. J

    FIXED ive tried everything to get JF to use usb mode

    im having alot of trouble geting my usbpro to work. so ive tried everything from install both set of drivers i even formated my pc twice becouse i pluged in my usbpro before i installed the drivers,ive updated the firmware .hex on the usb pro itself and it still wont alow me to use usb in jungle...
  14. D

    FIXED X360USB PRO V2 and Jungle Flasher BIG Problems

    i just bought an x360usb pro 2 for $103 and downloaded the latest jungle flasher, i had a few problems with figuring out the driver installs for the x360usb but thats all sorted now. My problem is, that when i connect my drive either through the x360 using a power adapter and the built in ck3...
  15. D

    Sputnik360 probe and pcb probe addon tutorial? help?

    Most tutorials for these items wasnst very descriptive so I'm looking for someone to make me one with pictures of, probing area, soldering area for pcb probe addon, and pictures of jungle flasher the steps to flashing in descriptions under the picture. I have some money on my paypal I can donate...
  16. K

    GENERAL Keep getting open trey every time i flash

    Hi guys happy Holidays i am having a bit of a problem i recently bought a x360usb bro and a ck3i with a prob 3 from xconsoles . i bought it to flash me and my friends xbox's and i always follow the tutorials from here . but at the end i always end up with the open trey error . i don't know what...
  17. K

    GENERAL Open trey error need help !

    Hi guys happy Holidays i am having a bit of a problem i recently bought a x360usb bro and a ck3i with a prob 3 from xconsoles . i bought it to flash me and my friends xbox's and i always follow the tutorials from here . but at the end i always end up with the open trey error . i don't know what...
  18. T

    LITEON 74850 problem with latest jf

    Hi, I bought a new liteon 74850 to replace my other one because it would not read disc before and after flashed and tried replacing so many parts I just gave up and bought a new one, but the new one has different firmware, 7485, and I can't even start to extract the key because the drive then...
  19. C

    tray keeps opening replace or fix

    hey ive got a hitachi gdr 3120l version 47 thats tray keeps opening in the xbox it works fine on jf its not the cables i checked any other fixes or else can i use any non 79 version to replace thanks
  20. T

    HITACHI 79 Hitatchi 79FL (Inquiery Sting not found)

    Hey everyone I'm having a little problem using Jungle Flasher to dump my (spoofed) Hitatchi 79fl drive. I'm using portIO as I have a VIA 6421 sata card and I'm running under Windows XP SP3. I dont understand what this error means or even if I can proceed to flash the drive. I hope someone can...