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    Locked replacement DG-16D4S. Cannot unlock!

    I recently purchased a replacement DG-16D4S unlocked PCB. I accidentally wrote the incorrect firmware onto the board and then locked the SPI. I wrote a Phat 0251 instead of 0272. (That's what I get for trying to rush it) I locked it under the "Phat" option and now I can't unlock it to write the...
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Kamikazi Lite-On DG-16D4S PCB Compatable with FW 9504 0225 0272?

    I was wondering if I have a kamikaze Slim Lite-on DG-16D4S PCB board can I use it as a replacement PCB for FW 9504 / 0225 / 0272 drives if I flash it with the right Dummy.bin? Thanks
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Has anyone tried the Maximus Kamikaze Winbond Unlock Template?

    I just ordered one since I needed some DGX boards. I have unlocked Windbond chips before using a drill bit and just giving me best guess as to where to drill. I was successful 9 out of 12 times which isn't so bad. Just curious if this template is pretty accurate.
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    LITEON 0225 about to kamikaze

    so im about to kamikame my slim drive and i went to the hardware store for a drill bit and they didn't have 1mm so i got 1 thats .0320 under and 1 .0390 over.Should i use the one thats under or will it not suffice?
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM 0225, 9504/0272 exact same issue.

    Hey, Long time lurker, first time poster. Anyhow, down to business. Girlfriend asked if I could crack her brothers xbox (slim) for a christmas present. I had done a few whites before, so agreed thinking it couldnt be that hard. Purchased a X360USB for the job. got down to "cracking" 2...
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM kamikazied a slim worked fine friend said it stopped playing next day

    so i kamikazied a slim seemed kind of deep then pop it unlocked . i completed flash - jf said write verify failed so i did it again and it verified i tested box it played games og and backups- friend called me 3 days later says it will not play anything now never did but today was first time he...
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    A difficult one...

    (SOLVED) Hi everyone I have stumbled across a problem while flashing my friends Xbox Slim Liteon 0272. I have never opened a slim before this occasion, although have done many phats over the years with 100% success and have also replaced many lasers. So..... my friend asked me to give...
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    contact pad broken

    I was attempting to install an 1339E chip in place of a kamikaze ruined winbond chip. Anyway, In the removal process contact pads 39 and 40 came out. Visually they don't seem to be connected to any traces and I don't know if this is going to affect it working and if I should attempt to repair...
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    Winbond unlock solution pro kit alt.

    Replacing the Winbond chip with MT1339E + MX25L2005MC spi is an alternative solution to unlock your winbond chip on Liteon drives. This is the same concept used on replacement PCB. Credits go to [email protected] Attached are images demonstrating the installation Note: A switch goes between S...
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    0225 ejects after kamikaze

    ok so i did a kamikaze on a 0225 everything seemed fine but then i got write verify failed so i finished and outroed any way but drive just auo ejects so i searched this forum and found i probaly drilled to deep and flashed again using qtip with alchohol over hole to get it to write correctly...
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    ANSWERED kamikaze specifics

    i was reading the jungleflasher tutorial about unlocking the winbond chip and had some questions. the 3.3v on the dremel we are supposed to drill with. it said we can access the voltage from the pcb with soldering or from the power cable in the ck3 cables. would it be possibe to use the probe 3...
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    Kamikaze fail fix

    Tools: circuit writer pen draw a conductive layer at the bottom of the drill you made, this will connect the cut traces and probably solve the problems (no eject, no spin ... etc. meaning you unlocked your drive but went a bit far) however try not to fill the whole thing as you may short...
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    Disk not spinning Liteon 0225

    my drive is Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 After I made a kamikaze I had an no eject, I tried the POUT fix and it worked fine. However, now I got open tray error and disk is not spinning :confused:. I think other components are moving well. I read somewhere that I should have removed the laser ribbon...
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    GENERAL Winbond no eject fix

    Windows Version : Vista 32 bit Xbox DVD Version: Lite-On 0225 Tools: X360USB PRO v18, CK3i Software: JF 1.9 beta I did the kamikazi hack and stopped as soon as the beep blew into my ears. I was using a solder iron with the 3.3V 100 ohm contact. However now my drive doesn't eject. I read some...
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    [WANTED] I want a liteon 0225 PCB with a successful kamikaze performed

    Is there anyone out there who are willing to sell a liteon slim 0225 drive PCB (ONLY, not the whole drive) with a kamikaze hack successfully done (no damaged chip please) Please PM me.
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Flashing from 1.9 to 2.0

    Flashing from 1.9 to 2.0 I have an Xbox Slim Winbond Firmware 0225 I am on dash 13599 Had modder do the kamikaze method flashed with LT 1.9. i have a few questions: 1) i m confused about the firmwares. if i currently have lt 1.9 and i want to revert back to stock. i just follow the...
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    ANSWERED LiteOn 0225 - tray opening but disc not spinning

    I do Kamikaze and not everything went ok... probably :p I unlock SPI lock, flashed 1.91, lock down again. After that tray open and close but when plugged into XB disc motor not spinning... Only laser try to check two times but without result. Next what I can see is "Open tray"... :facepalm...
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    Kamikaze MOD Help - unlocking issue

    Hi guys, I successfully did my first Kamikaze MOD and all thanks to Xecutor. I followed the tutorial by mespo365 the drive went into vendor mode and unlocked fine with spi 0x0 but as per the tutorial I closed JF and reopened and re-introed the drive 1. the drive goes into vendor mode FINE :)...
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    GENERAL kamikaze/Winbond Hack Guide

    All thanks go to Geremia for discovering this hack, as well as Team Xecuter, Team Jungle, and C4eva for making this possible!! Disclaimer: This hack should not be attempted by anyone other then a pro modder. I nor anyone here will be held accountable for any damage that may occur with this...
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    Correct Tools for Kamikaze Hack

    Hi Guys, Since few days the only topic most of moders are interested is Kamikaze Hack, There are many success n fail stories, and some still thinks its fake ;) , for some the process is so easy and some of us already fried boards in doing experiment. I went through lot of videos and topics...