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    Warning - jf 1.86 - no beep for spi hack - read in here

    Hey guys, I just wanted to start this thread to get a list of documented reports, one way or another, of whether or not Jungle Flasher 1.86 is sounding an audible beep the instant the SPI becomes unlocked while drilling into the MT chip for the Kamikaze Winbond Unlock Hack (as it is stated in...
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    Kamikaze method quick question

    Hey folks. I was thinking of doing the kamikaze winbond method, so I did some reading, especially in here: http://360lizard.com/website/downloads/Kamikaze_unlock_v1.0.pdf and it requires maximus/lizard products. Is it possible to do with ck3lite usbpro and jungleflasher as opposed to some of...
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    Kamikaze w/ X360USB Pro+JF1.86 - Done like dinner, boyz!

    Alright - just thought I'd post the results of my first Slim Winbond Kamikaze Unlock!! Big thanks to TX, JF, C4Eva!!! And of course Geremia for the Kamikaze winbond unlock method! I would have tried this a couple days ago, but I don't have a via 6421 card yet (in the mail right now) - only a...