1. Teajunkie

    [WORLDWIDE] Key Recoveries By ex Admin staff Teajunkie.

    No longer repair or mod consoles sorry.
  2. teknogod17

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM How do I make a non matching dvd drive work?

    I DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT LITEON DRIVE I HAVE SO I JUST PICKED RANDOMLY IN PREFLIX Ok so I purchased a xbox with no dvd drive I rgh it and works great but since the dvd drives cd key and the one on the motherboard do not match it does not work. So From what I can tell there are two ways to fix...
  3. hackt0r

    Need CPU/DVD key

    I found a Xbox 360 with no dvd drive. Everything works, I just need to get the cpu/dvd key to install a new dvd drive. But I have one question. Can you find out was the original dvd drive model on the console?, because I want to be play Xbox live safely. Thanks in advance. Specs: * Phat...
  4. A


    Hi, After giving up J-tagging a year ago, my boss has called and asked for me to retrieve the DVD keys out of a lot of old consoles.. I know the old way was to retrieve a nand dump and get the CPU key blah blah, but it was limited to certain motherboard and kernel revisions. I hear that any...
  5. U

    need donor kv and falcon nand

    banned xbl nands r welcome thanks for any help u can give
  6. X

    JUNGLE FLASHER How to add a previously dumped DVD Drive key to JungleFlasher??

    Hi, I'm running JungleFlasher v0.1.92 (Beta) [304] and recently formatted my PC. The thing is that now my DVD Drive key doesn't appear on the KeyDb and JungleFlasher also doesn't show it as Verified. I know that it is indeed verified, but was wondering if there's any way to add it to the KeyDb...
  7. S

    Is it possible to read dvd key from nand only?

    So I received several xboxs to fix that my friend said he couldn't fix. They all had red ring but are fine now. It looks like whoever put them all back together used a completely different drive in each one. After reading a lot into nand-x and coolrunner I order both. I was wondering if I had to...
  8. S

    RGH Coolrunner and extracting DVD key

    Hello All, and this is my first post here. Ok I have just purchased a Coolrunner, it comes with QSB Boards and a LPT Coolrunner flash. Now all I want to do is connect the coolrunner upto the mobo to extract the DVD Key and that is it. Is there any guide someone can point me the direction of...
  9. F

    Need help building trinity RGH donor nand, only have cpu key and donor

    I have a trinity system with coolrunner installed that boots to xell perfectly but unfortunately I don't have the original nand. I do have a donor nand of another trinity with its matching cpu key, can anyone provide the process of injecting the cpu key into the donor and any other console...
  10. F

    LITEON 83850 v2 new tx replacement drive need help

    hello i just got my new lite on 8385 replacement drive from one of the authorized tx sellers. here is the problem when i bought this xbox i got no tool to flashit so i give it to another person to do the flash for me that person damage my liteon driver, so he spoofed a hitachi drive, since...
  11. G

    LITEON 74850 is this video true

    hi, i am trying to flash my xbox back to stock. i came accross this video. he is doing things abit diffrent from your tut. i tried both ways and got extraction error. what is the right way? he is: 1. pressing phatkey 2.probing 3.hit...
  12. D

    LITEON 93450 Question about saved FW size?

    Hi, When I received my flashed 360 a year ago, I was provided with the original dumped dvd key in case I need to revert to it BUT it's too big? ... It's 1.68mb... Is there anyway I can shrink it and use it so I don't have to way for the coolrunner exploit? Anyone please help... Thanks, Robert
  13. M

    XBOX 360 - Lost my DVD KEY

    Hello i have a xbox 360 from year 2008 a simple Philip Liteon... 7**** I lost the drive Key.. I live in POrtugal and im looking for a service.. I need some1 to revover DVD key from my motherboad (XBOX360). is it possible? I also would like to do JTAG. how much it will cost me? :S
  14. X

    please help xbox slim flash

    hi im new sorry for my english i have xbox slim 250 g liteon 0225 dashboard:2.0.13146.0 i want to flash it can you please tell me 1- how to connect? 2- and extract the key ? 3- and how to Replace PCB? 4- what is now the ms new dashboard ? 5- do i have to update to a new dashboard ? please...
  15. C

    GENERAL I think i lost my Lite-On Key is there a way to recover it?

    HI! I just attempted to flash my lite on drive and something happened.... Now, when i go to the DVDKey32 tab, it shows my drive but it says it doesnt have the key. I try to use PhatKey and probe it to get the key, but it says PhatKey Failed! When i plug it into my xbox and try to play normal...
  16. F

    HITACHI NON-79 problem with my drive

    hello im new on this flashing world, and ive been reading a lot, i just bought a ck3 pro and 360usb pro so i can flash my xbox now. i flash without a problem my two liteon Liteon DG-16D2S 74850C, but here comes the problem... When I did not have the tools to flash my new xbox elite, I gave it...
  17. A

    ANSWERED Recovering key after xgd3 update ?

    1. I bought a pre-flashed xbox so I don't have the dvd-key now. 2.So,after reading about ,I found out that the new dash update also flashes your drive(I have not updated yet.) 3.If I update now and get my drive flashed to the new stock firmware,can I recover my dvd-key from there?Can this new...
  18. W

    CPU key problem

    JTAG is not recognizing my CPU key! I've seen a few posts about this, but I'm still having problems. Using JTAG tool 3.0, I've dumped the nand successfully with no errors, at least 10 times now. I've been able to boot Xell to get my cpu key, but when I type it back into KV info, I get this...
  19. L

    LITEON 0225 problem dumping drive key

    hey folks, today I tried to dump the key of my slim drive using the latest JF (0.1.83) with partial success. I'm using the onboard chipset of my mobo (ICH10) and a CK3 Pro. The first time I hooked the drive up and clicked "SlimKey" in JF it ran through and showed me a key to a drive which is...
  20. G

    Replace Broken Slim Dvd Drive

    My slim dvd drive which is a lite on 9504 is broken because it wont read games i am out of warranty and have the skills to put a new drive in so id rather not pay Microsoft $100 for something i can do cheaper. If i buy the same exact brand and firmware version drive can i flash my key to the new...