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    Looking to upgrade to LT+ Help

    I flashed many xbox's and saved all the dummy.bins and keys. My computer wouldn't start up one day. I forgot about the files and wiped the computer. I now want to upgrade to LT+ for my lite on. Now I cant because I do not have the files. Is the any way to get the key? I know about the MRA hack...
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    [Help] LiteOn 83850c with LT won't get the key !

    Hello I flashed my Liteon 83850c drive with LT few months ago and now i tried to upgrade it to LT+ but when i try to get the key it won't change to x70,it continue showing D1 - 52 and D2-52 however i try i couldn't get the key !! I got the same problem in my friend's console (same drive...
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    ANSWERED Help with 83850v1

    Hi, I'm not quite sure what went wrong, but I got a bad flash in jungleflasher. My drive disappeared - I thought I bricked it, but I now have it back in Vendor Mode. My question is, how do I reflash it. I found some tutorial to open the stock firmware as the source, but I can't find it. My...