1. I

    RGH Question: Can I replace the DVD drive with a 2.5 HDD

    Hi guys. As the title says, i just want to know if its possible to replace the DVD drive with a laptop HDD on an xbox 360 slim. I' ve readed that is possible with a 3.5", but you need to get more power from the motherboard. What about a laptop HDD? I think the power consumption is lower on...
  2. H

    connect dvd to laptop

    My titanfall (X360) disc got scratched and wont work anymore, but I have a backup I can use on my flashed xbox 360. I have heard that the game does not work overburned and is not safe to go online, so I was wondering if it is possible to connect this dvd drive to my laptop using a sata to usb...
  3. iRun into Walls

    750gb Xbox hdd?

    So i have seen a bunch of youtube videos but i have a hard time believing them. i was wondering how to make a laptop hdd work in a xbox do i just plug it in and it says configure?
  4. I

    ANSWERED iHAS Burner + Laptop + Verbatim?

    Okay. Just got my X360USB Pro. Will i just be able to buy exactly this: and then buy some Verbatim Disks, and plug the drive into the X360USB Pro (or any other sata...
  5. T

    [USA] Wanted: Laptop for burning back ups

    I'm looking for a CHEAP laptop in decent condition with dual layer burner for back ups. 10" to 17" is fine. 40g and up sata harddrive Probably around $150- 350. Running AT LEAST windows xp or iOS 5 Would love a DELL. Thanks
  6. N

    ANSWERED Flashing Drives with a Sony Vaio Laptop

    hey everybody, the computer with the via 6421 pci card i was using to flash drives has broken down, i was wondering what adapters i would need in order to get my drives recognized by JF again by my sony vaio laptop. i tried a simple sata to usb adapter but to no avail. i have a Ck3 PRO USB to...
  7. D

    CK3 PRO CK3 Probe Using XboX as power supply ?

    Hi hope you guys can help. I bought a pcmia external sata controller for flashing my xbox, yes the right via chipset :) And now i want to flash my lite on drives :) I only have a laptop. Is it possible to use the xbox's power supply for the dvd drive with the ck3 probe ? I am not rich and...
  8. W

    CK3 PRO Molex Adapter Help

    I need a molex adapter so I can flash with my 360 and noticed there are quite a bit of em. Now, i'll be the first one to tell people I have no idea what i'm doing, so I figured I would ask the people who know what they're doing what i'm supposed to be looking for when searching for a molex...
  9. D

    RAID Drivers Issue on Win 7 x64, Laptop

    My Equipment: Laptop with windows 7 home premium edition, x64 PCMCIA vt6421A with express card adapter Drivers: I’ve downloaded the folder: VIA_V-RAID_SoftwarePackage_V5.80G Already Deleted: I’ve deleted all and any viamrx64.sys, vsmraid.sys, viamraid.sys files as well from...
  10. A

    [info] Laptop Flashing-List of Laptops with either ExpressCard or PCMCIA slot or both

    Going through the Xecuter forum, I myself got pretty confused on whether I had an ExpressCard slot or a PCMCIA slot so as to hook in the PCMCIA VIA 6421 chipset. But here is a list of most of the laptops which contain them ie. They either contain an ExpressCard slot (if that is the case with...