1. B

    X3 Control Panel Buttons not Illuminating

    Is there a plug just for the LEDs for the memory selector buttons on the X3 Control Panel? I had to replace my motherboard on a v1.1 box. Re-soldered the pin header, D0, HDD, LAN and X3IR wires. Hooked all the other plugins and control panel dongles. Everything seems to function properly...
  2. C

    JASPER Cr4 xl not getting power / led not lighting up w/ install pics

    my cr4 is not getting power my red and black wires are soldered correctly although this is my first time so i must have made some mistakes Link 4 pics : mega:/#fm/2c1RiSJT
  3. jdoe91011

    ROL Pad on Xecuter Glitch Chips

    I have never been able to get the ROL pad on Xecuter glitch chips to work for me when installing the "Coolrunner LED Mod". I have tried with RJTAG, Proto V2, and CR4. I always run a wire from this pad to an LED I have soldered on the RF board, with the negative side of the LED soldered to a...
  4. R

    ANSWERED Question about flashing with X360USB PRO V2

    I just bought a used Phat Xbox that was never opened. I am currently trying to flash the BenQ dvd drive that came with it, but whenever I boot up Jungleflasher the top left LED goes from green(WINAPI) to red(PORTIO). Also it tells me the DVD key isn't found even though this Xbox was never opened...
  5. T3chWarrior

    GENERAL CR Glitch LED Mod for ALL Versions!!

    Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. Just saw a lot of confusion with the CoolRunner LED mod options. Since superspeed's thread is so large I thought I would consolidate this process for everyone. I had planed on doing this back in may but got busy this summer. Also, I want to take a...

    Need Slim RF Module with Blue/White Rol [USA]

    I am hoping to get a modded roll with all blue rings and the center white if anyone is willing to sell me one. I am located in California. Let me know!! Thanks.
  7. P

    Black&Green Case Mod

    A few days ago we finished modding my friend's xbox. I think it became quite impressive. My m8 cut out the case with dremel then painted it to black and green. The RGH, heatsinks and RF Panel LEDs were my job. The stock fan was also changed to green Talismoon fans. The plastic funnel was also...
  8. supersymm3try

    What do you guys think?

    Areet everyone So ive spent the last few days customizing my stock 360 and just wondered what people here think of it? I would love to say 'Im showing this as a thanks because I found all the tutorials I needed on this great site' but really im just a shameless self promoter wanting other...
  9. supersymm3try

    ANSWERED question about xbox 360 case mod

    hi all I hope this isn't too much of a pointless question! I'm modding my 360 case today (cutting a shape out and backlighting with LEDs if anyone's interested) and I wonder if I chop out the design from the case, will the xbox suffer if I don't block the hole off with clear plastic? I'm just...
  10. X

    HELP! Xbox SLIM installing LEDs

    Im looking for an answer on how I would wire LEDs into a slim so there only on when you turn the console on. I was thinking I would wire them where the fan connects but im looking for a 5v source and I think the fan is 12v (please confirm if fan is 12v). Also what are the blue and yellow wires...