1. TechManSaver

    FALCON No Debug Light

    Falcon no debug light...a few moments ago it worked FLAWLESSLY... 1glitch EVERY time.I was putting it in the case and I checked before I put it together if it worked.And now the debug light won't come I took it out of the case and I took these pics:
  2. B

    LITEON DG-16D2S I Got A Problem - The Flashing Green Light In The Middle

    Some Info Ive Done - New Drive And New Cables - Drive Wont Open Or Eject ( No Noise ) - Its Not A Bad Flash Does Any One Have Any clue ???
  3. A

    Slim Red Light

    This is Slim (Halo limited edition) with a liteon drive with TX PCB. When I turn it on I don't hear the beep and the center light flashes a few times then turns red and The screen stays black all the time. What I already tried (and didn't work): - Remove the HD - Turn it on with the sync...