liteon 93450c

  1. P

    LITEON 93450 Need help to get started. Where to buy and what.

    I would like to backup my games for my Jasper Xbox 360 Elite. I have a DG-16D2S LiteOn drive so i'd like to know what i need to mod it in order to play backups of my games. I am aware of some of the tools as i've done some research in the matter, however i come up short on where to buy these...
  2. 1

    Games as DVDs

    Ok so after long months i finally got my xbox360(liteon 93450c) to come back on. I think i messed up on mainly on the jungle flasher part. Didnt do to well on cut and trace either. It would even come on. I think the xbox didnt know what it was. So to fix it by putting in the firmware manually...
  3. S

    LITEON 93450 Liteon 93450c will not eject.

    I have a Liteon 93450c that has the LT Clip and LT Switch v2 install. At first everything went perfect, I got the green light right off the bat, then got the DVD on the first try, this is not the first Xbox Dvd I have had to work on, but it was the first Liteon 93450c. The drive at first was...
  4. manwinder

    spoofing a samsung with a liteon 93450c firmware help

    i have a liteon firmware and i am try to spoof it to a samsung but the write keeps on failing, i am not going to use this online, the write fails everytime, i have tried with a samsung firmware, it still fails, the drive is ejected half way
  5. manwinder

    LITEON 93450 liteon 93450c

    i have just got the keys from the drive using the vampire and i am having problems getting the drive to turn on, i have solder, i have used a cable and the soldering is good, i am sure here the pics:
  6. manwinder

    liteon spoofing

    could i have a liteon 93450c firmware and i was wondering if i could spoof it on to a liteon 7 series or benq
  7. manwinder

    liteon 93450c

    i got the liteon to dump with and xtractor and i was repairing the cuts and first the solder would stick to all 3 points so i tried a few times it didn't work then i by accidentally chipped of some of the pcb, it is not near the cuts it was a little bit and wear it got chipped, i can see some...
  8. manwinder

    liteon 93450c help

    i need to know where to put the negative and positive points of my multimeter, not for resistance but for voltage and friend told me it is better to test for voltage, he told me it can tell you if a cut is good or not
  9. S

    what equipments do I need to flash a Liteon 93450c drive?

    Alright so for the past two days I have looked EVERYWHERE for ways to flash a liteon 93450c drive and after doing all this searching I know for a fact I'll need to solder, and buy lots of stuff now i need to know what it is i need to buy so does anyone have a straight out list of EVERYTHING I...
  10. X

    Probe V2 Flashing

    Im gonna flash using the probe v2. What kind of glue should I use? Thanks.
  11. manwinder

    lt clip and lt switch v2 help

    i have installed the lt switch v2 and clip, when i switch the switch on the lt switch to noraml, the connection is bad when it move it to probev2,ltsw2/test, it is good, why does it switch and when i connect and the ltsw_v2_EXT, the led does not turn on, do i need the extension or is it extra, i...
  12. W

    ANSWERED Cant get key from lite on

    Hey, i searched the forums and couldnt find exactly the same problem i have. so i decided to make my own. ok so i tried to flash my lite on 93450c drive and im pretty sure i completely destroyed it so i went ahead and bought a benQ drive online not knowing that i needed the key from the original...
  13. A

    Liteon 93450c v2 not detected anymore

    Hi! i m nw to xboxscene. I am using jungle flasher latest and also installed portIO32 driver. i have intel 945gccr motherboard with 82801 Sata ICH7 chipset on windows XP. I opened up my Arcade to flash it comes to be an 93450c liteon. so i tried to do MRA hack to dump key. i connected the...
  14. C

    bad flash

    Hi guys, I tried flashing my xbox tonight and it went pretty bad. I have a via sata 6421a card -lt clip and switch -ck3 lite -liteon 93450c dvd drive I installed the lt clip following the instructions provided, got the green light for my trace cuts and so proceeded to flashing, I plugged in...
  15. 0

    ANSWERED 93450c

    When I placed my order for the (Blaster ck3) I was told it would work with all 93450c dvd drives. I have read where it seems people are saying the same thing. (That is; it will work.) But I read in the Tutorial for (Blaster ck3) this statement: "There is currently no way to extract the key...
  16. D

    Damaged liteon 93450c pcb. . . .

    Hi guys i have just purchased a xbox 360 elite off a market ( only £50 ) sold as seen it powers up fine plays music of hdd, and usb fine all is good apart from the dvd pcb. The chappy claims it "burnt" out amd started smoking whilst he was playing a game.!! There are scortch marks on the top dvd...
  17. S

    Extract liteon 9345 key.bin with no soldering?

    is this possible, like can i just buy a probe or something? Or is that not possible?
  18. T

    Blaster CK3 & Liteon 93450C

    Hi, Installed Blaster CK3, and it went fine, after testing it with the Stock image from my Liteon 93450C. Now, I have applied the tutorial to the logic board, and by using the JungleFlasher got Lite-OFW.bin (262 kb). Soldered back everything, and put it back as it was. My question is - what do...