1. Deadly9000

    LITEON 74850 Spoof to Samsung MS25

    Hey guys, it's my first post here, don't really wanna take a lot of your time so I'm going to keep it quite simple. My xbox originally had a LiteOn, when I got it for repairs, the guy put a Samsung drive instead and spoofed it as a LiteOn 74850. What I want to do is spoof back to Samsung ms25...
  2. B

    SAMSUNG MS28 I have a samsung ms28drive spoofed as Lite On

    Hi I tried to flash my samsung with Lt 2.0 and i sucseded, but I read around this forum and found out that I need to buy a new Lite On driver, I have bought a new LiteOn drive that,, how do I flash this new Lite On? I have the USB Pro I have tried but Can't get into vendor mode,, and which...
  3. gangrel_1313

    Replacement DG-16D4S PCB & Lens Question

    I installed a replacement (Unlocked Xecuter DG-16D4S Replacement PCB), I had problems with discs not being read, someone pointed out the laser might be at fault, well I ordered one not knowing that there are 2 types for Liteon DG-16D4S (G2R2 & G2R) and they are not interchangeable, I ordered the...
  4. A

    Winbond unlock solution pro kit alt.

    Replacing the Winbond chip with MT1339E + MX25L2005MC spi is an alternative solution to unlock your winbond chip on Liteon drives. This is the same concept used on replacement PCB. Credits go to [email protected] Attached are images demonstrating the installation Note: A switch goes between S...
  5. gangrel_1313

    Sputnik360 Liteon DG-16D4S

    Drive: Liteon DG-16D4S FW: 9504 I installed my switch and set it to 10 (from what I read in a tutorial) I dont have a X360USB PRO, but I have a external SATA HD/DVD enclosure, I left the xbox open and used the power for the DVD drive and the SATA of the enclosure, I couldn't get the PC to...
  6. N

    ANSWERED iHAS Warranty

    I'm in the process of ordering the LiteOn iHAS 124-04 from newegg, and I was considering to purchase the extended warranty along with it. Though, I do know, since there will be cfw installed on the drive - would it be pointless to purchase the extended warranty, or should I get it - just in case...
  7. L

    ANSWERED X360USB PRo and Scorpion 2

    Hello I am wondering the the X360USB pro Will work in conjunction with the Scorpion 2 To extract the Liteon Key And refrain from saying "just use the Probe 3" due to already owning a Scorpion Thanks for your already thoughts Lee
  8. K

    GENERAL Keep getting open trey every time i flash

    Hi guys happy Holidays i am having a bit of a problem i recently bought a x360usb bro and a ck3i with a prob 3 from xconsoles . i bought it to flash me and my friends xbox's and i always follow the tutorials from here . but at the end i always end up with the open trey error . i don't know what...
  9. T

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Slim key extract failed for liteon 1071

    Hi, I'm using my onboard SATA (Intel 82801 SATA), and following exactly what the JF manual says for extracting the key on LiteOn 1071, but i keep getting Slimkey failed! Is it possible to extract a key this way or do it need any additional hw? Thanks
  10. G

    GENERAL spoofed benq working with prev dash

    Hi, As some of you read in my prev thread [] i asked if i have a slim console with a spoofed Benq drive as liteon 9504 can i update to the dash that was before sep 2011 and play XGD3 backups using my Benq. everyone said no but it is...
  11. H

    7 series replacement. ASAP

    i was wondering if i could buy another 7 series and still play online? the original drive is fried, but i think i have the original key and fw. still need some clarification on that too. thanks in advance
  12. M

    LITEON 93450 Dead drive? I dont think soo. HELP !

    I need to extract the key from my dead drive ! Hi guys i have a big problem with my PBC, The ck3 did a short-circuit and "killed" my drive. But i think i can do something to get the key . The r207 , r203 ,r204 are OK I NEED TO GET THE KEY!! :( I uploaded some photos, here they are...
  13. D

    Liteon iHAS124-B

    After looking for information on burning Battlefield 3 I learned that for any new game I needed to buy a Liteon iHAS124-B drive in order to correctly and safely burn the 8GB file to a disk. I'm just looking for final advice. The website linked on xecuter hadn't any in stock, so I went to amazon...
  14. G

    GENERAL Lite-On Spoofed as Samsung ms25 cant get into vendor mode

    Hey guys as u can see i'm having some issues here. I got a liteon spoofed as a samsung ms25 and i cannot get it into vendor mode for the life of me. I have tried the activate.iso as well as tray half open methods with no luck. JF recognizes the drive and shows sammy ms25 under drive properties...
  15. S

    LITEON 93450 Flashed to Lt+ 2.0 not reading backups

    Hello, i have flashed a liteon 93450 now at (0251) and i keep getting "reading" and than "open tray" on backups, but than i go and put my originals and they work perfectly fine. i've tried following the jf tut and the tut here and still get the same results. can some one be kind enough to help...
  16. A

    LITEON DG-16D2S Liteon replacement

    hi everyone my liteon drive was not reading certain back ups after the intial flash of lt2.0 so i plugged it on to my laptop using (xbox 360 usb pro, ck3 lite with internal pc molex, probe 3) so basically i think i plugged the cable the wrong way it would fit so i turned it around and then it...
  17. C

    pot tweak question

    i was pot tweaking my drive and i think my multimeter is bad in my frustration i turned both screws and need to know what the other screw the wrong one should be set at thanks for any help:facepalm:
  18. P

    LITEON DG-16D2S i Have a few questions

    first off my model number for my drive is DG-16D25 and my firm ware version is 74850c. Now i was wondering if the blaster ck3 kit would be all i needed to put custom f/w onto my drive? Not including the compatible sata chip. I also wanted to know if this would be the best and easiest way to do...
  19. S

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM TX Liteon DG-16D4S Unlock PCB DEAD

    Hi All, I have just fitted a Xecuter Liteon DG-16D4S Unlock PCB to my 0225 drive. Naturally these boards are easy to fit and you can't really go wrong but . . . .Since fitting the PCB when I power the drive nothing happens, I can't eject and I don't hear any motions coming from the drive at...
  20. L

    JUNGLE FLASHER Flashing question

    I am attempting to update my firmware from 1.6 to 1.9. I had a samsung drive spoofed as a LiteOn drive running 1.6 on a Phat console and it worked great. Now I'm attempting to get up to speed to play the latest games. I apologize, but I do not have the LiteOn drive with me at the moment so I...